1 year is around the corner!

The guilt has been getting heavier and heavier, finally leading me to sit down and catch you all up to speed.  Carter is eleven months and is the speediest crawler I have ever seen.  His crawling days have been fun but I think we are about to see the last of them in the near future.  Carter has started walking with the help of his push-cart.  When he walks with it he’ll take a couple of steps and then turns to us with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen. It’s as if he is so proud of himself that he can’t contain his enthusiasm and wants to make sure Mommy and Daddy are watching him. Chris and I eat it up – every second of it!!

The little munchkin has twice as many teeth as all of his friends his age. The doctor told us that all kids get their teeth at different times but I think it’s hysterical that mine got his early.  It’s only funny because he still doesn’t have a full head of hair but he does have a full set of teeth! – Four up top and four on the bottom to be exact.

We still make most of his food and serve it to him pureed.  Wether it’s homemade soup or a filet of salmon, put it in the blender and Carter loves it. He eats all his veggies and meat but LOVES his Cheerios like you would not believe.  It’s very entertaining to watch him concentrate on picking up one cheerio at a time.

Chris has hired two full-time employees and Big Red Dog is crushing it! Although he’s putting in lots of hours, the company is growing and deals are getting done! Real estate has kept me busy as well and I’m proud to finally have my new website go live! I spent a good while working with a fabulous web developer in Florida, James Savino. Check it out and leave me a comment on my blog!  www.AlexisWeigand.com

Lots of events have come and gone.  Carter was a tree frog for Halloween! I flew to Dallas for my best friend Corrie’s 30th birthday and then flew to Houston for my sorority big sis’ wedding.  Amira’s family hosted a gorgeous wedding at the Four Seasons downtown and I got to catch up with sorority sisters I hadn’t seen since college. I also drove to Corpus to celebrate Elena and Mariana’s 30th birthday with all the Corpus girls that I dearly miss! We spent Thanksgiving Eve eating Mexican food with good friends and spent the next day with both our families. This year will always go down in the books as the last time A&M thought they had a chance. We are forever the champions – Hook’em Horns!!

We recently hosted our annual Weigand wine tasting. With 55 guests, it was a success!  Everyone brought a bottle of wine and an unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots. We are still in the party planning mode as Christmas is right around the corner. More importantly, we only have 2.5 more weeks until Carter turns one!!!!!! Details on the party to come.


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28 Week Bump Picture

  • How far along? 29 weeks
  • Total weight gain/loss: 21 lbs
  • Maternity clothes? Definitely!
  • Stretch marks? None so far!
  • Sleep: Pretty consistent. Up very early in the mornings.  Usually just one trip a night to the bathroom.
  • Best moment last week: Hearing the Doctor say everything looks fine and Carter is healthy and measuring big!
  • Movement: Still lots. He’s an active little tyke! I now feel hiccups daily.  Chris puts his ear to my tummy and can’t believe that Carter can hiccup for so long!!  He’s most active around midnight.
  • Food cravings: No real cravings.  Thanksgiving dinner was amazing.  Nothing beats my Mom’s cooking.
  • Gender/Name: BOY! Carter Austin Weigand
  • What I miss: Being able to shop Neiman’s new cocktail dresses!  I also miss preparing for our annual Christmas party.  We had to cancel it this year and I’m still in denial!
  • What I am looking forward to: Seeing all my friends at my baby shower this weekend!!  My Grandma is also flying in, so I’m excited to get to spend more time with her!
  • Labor Signs: They monitored me in the hospital and I had one contraction.  No big deal, they said it’s normal for my body to start practicing and getting ready for the big event.
  • Belly Button in or out? Still in!
  • Weekly Wisdom: Let the small things go!
  • Milestones: Gestational diabetes test this week.  You have to drink this crappy drink and sit there for an hour, before they test your blood.  My prego girlfriend, Ginna, has scheduled to take hers at the same place and same time.  It’s so fun to have another prego friend!

Father’s Day Surprise!

My Father’s Day tradition is to have my family over to my house and cook a fabulous brunch. This year was no exception. Dad was packing for a fishing trip to Colorado, Mom was packing for a girls get-away to Santa Fe, and Will was off to basketball camp. Translation; my family was way to busy with their own schedules to have any clue that this Father’s Day was going to be one to remember!  I was about to tell my parents that their wish had finally come true…that they are going to be Grandparents!

I was so anxious to share the good news, I started waking up about every 30 minutes, starting around 3:30am, to look at the clock and mentally calculate the hours left, until my parents would be arriving. I was such an emotional basket case, Chris actually sent me to pick up dry cleaning at 8:00am, just to get me out of the house! Since Chris is had cooked this recipe before, he was in charge of making the waffle batter and blueberry sauce. I made sure the table was set, the gifts were wrapped and everything was ready.

Mom & Dad arrived at 9:00am, and it nearly killed me to make small talk. Chris had just installed wood floors in our dining room, so while I was showing them off to my parents, he got a head start on the waffles.  Chris plated the food shortly thereafter, and I was finally able to tell Dad, “time to open your card!”  I nonchalantly reached for the video camera…and you can view the video below to get the rest of the story!