Carter is 3 months old!

Carter turned 3 months old this past Sunday!  Although he was born 3 months ago, he is really only 1 month old, since he decided to come 2 months early! You will see this listed at 12/4 weeks in his stats that I sometimes post.

He is progressing as he should and eating nonstop!!  He now weighs 12 lbs and eats 6-8 ounces, 7 times a day.  This is still unreal to both of us, and we constantly refer to his as our little milk-aholic.  🙂

He naps frequently during the day.  When he’s up, he’s a very curious little boy.  We have his UT mobile above his crib and he just started watching it.  It plays the song, The Eyes of Texas are Upon You, each time he goes down for a nap.

He’s sleeping in his crib like a big boy, but still wakes up between 2-3am to eat.  I usually take this shift and Chris gets up with him at 5-6am.  It feels great to be on a schedule, but we’re looking forward to that day when he sleeps through the night!

We think he might be starting to give us some small, reactionary smiles.  Maybe.  If I photograph him right after he eats, I can catch a smile.  I think a real smile is just around the corner!!!  I cannot wait until he purposely looks me in the eye and gives me a big, gummy grin!!!

I recently finished reading The Help.  Great book, I highly recommend it.  I’m now back to The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larrson.  I’ll finish this book within the next couple of weeks, so I need a couple of good recommendations!


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Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Happy St. Patty's Day!

I loved this picture so much, I decided to use it on Carter’s birth announcement.  The green hat made it perfect timing for St. Patty’s day!  He still shows us this grin daily and I simply melt.

Hope you are all wearing green today!!



Carter meets Chef John Besh!

Carter meets Chef John Besh!

We had our first family outing this past Sunday.  San Antonio’s CIA, Culinary Institute of America, hosted a paella cook-off event.  They flew in chefs from all over to compete in an iron chef style paella competition.   They even flew in one of our all time favorite chefs, John Besh!!!!!

Carter and I both got our picture taken with him and I got one of me stirring his pot, lol.  This literally made our day!  Two years ago, Chris took me to one of his top restaurants in New Orleans, Restaurant August.  We were seated by the window and had an exquisite dinner, all while watching one of the Mardi Gras parades.

After the CIA event, we took Carter to meet his Great Grandparents, Art and Jean Graf.  His uncle and cousins, Art, Robert and Alex also came by to visit on Saturday afternoon.  Showing my little man off just never gets old.

Carter is still eating like a champ and developing a little personality very quickly.  Sadly, he has outgrown many of my favorite outfits, including the super cute crocheted beanies I ordered off of  I didn’t even get time to photograph him in all of the beanies!  He weighs 11 lbs and is starting to get baby rolls.

Sleep is still rare but it’s getting better.  Carter slept in his crib for the first time last night and slept for 5 straight hours!  This was a record and I’m hoping we can repeat it tonight!

Speaking of tonight, remember the finale of The Bachelor comes on at 8:00pm.  It will be a girl’s night at our house.  I’m of course rooting for Emily.


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Leica shmika, I’m happy with my Canon Rebel!

All dressed up for NEISD Fundraiser!

I’m super excited about this morning!  Chris is cooking French toast for my family, and my Dad and I are going to play with our new camera equipment using Carter as our handsome subject!

My Dad has always been a camera guru and is highly respected by many professional photographers worldwide.  He’s a member of many online photography forums that speak in Greek, if you aren’t familiar with all the intricacies of aperture, f-stops and shutter speeds!  What do they all have in common?  They LIVE for their Leica cameras!  They all shoot Canon and Nikons as well, but they also own Leicas, which to me, are basically fully manual cameras that cost as much as our cars, lol!

I’ve always enjoyed photography, but I’m now taking it more seriously, as it’s up to me to document Carter’s life.  I want him to look back at quality photos, not just ill-lit snapshots taken with my iPhone.   Photography also plays a very important role in my business.  We personally shoot all of our homes and ranches we have for sale and do all the editing in-house.  In the past, I’ve always used Dad’s equipment.   I now use my own equipment, but I am still borrowing his Sigma, wide-angle lens.  (Thanks Dad!)

Our company listed a new property in Fair Oaks Ranch this week and my Dad and I both photographed the house.   We moved through the house room by room together, each with our own camera and tripod verbally exchanging our camera settings and histogram details.  I had a blast!  Best of all, I learned more than I thought possible.

After breakfast this morning, we get to do it all over again!  This time, we’ll be using our portrait lenses and shooting Carter, instead of empty bedrooms.

On Friday, I listed a home in Spring Branch for some past Clients of mine.  I immediately fell in love with their daughter Megan, when I worked with them a couple of years ago.  She recently got a new puppy and wrote a story about him.  Her teacher was so impressed that she insisted on putting it into hardback form to keep in the classroom!  While I was photographing their house, I could not resist taking a couple of shots of Megan and her new puppy.  These shots make me smile. 🙂

Quick shout-out to the Ashburns for babysitting last night, allowing us to attend the NEISD fundraiser!


Carter’s stats:
Age/Corrected: 10/3 weeks
Weight, Height: 10lbs, 22 inches
Eats: Breast milk & formula every 4 hours. 6oz, 6 x day. Eats at 2,6,10 am & pm
Loves: His vibrating chair!!!  He’ll cry when it automatically turns off!
Battling: Gas, reflux
First: Bottle of formula. He officially depleted the entire freezer of all frozen breast milk.