FIRE next door and we were SKUNKED!

Chris' 30th birthday at the JW Marriott

Where does time go?!!  Carter is  9 months and has 6 teeth!  He is a speedy little crawler and makes his way around the house on all fours.  We’ve ditched the baby bath and have started giving him big-boy baths in his bathtub.  Give this child a plastic cup, sit him in warm water and he’s in heaven!

We had a couple of long nights this last month.  Our neighbor’s house, the one that backs up to our backyard on the hill, was struck by lightning.  We evacuated the house, threw Carter in his car seat and grabbed our valuables –puppies, computers, camera & jewelry.

After probably 7 hours and many fire trucks later, our neighbor’s house was demolished.  Our house was smoked out, but the firefighters were able to keep the fire off of our property.  To say the least, it was quite a night.

At 9 months, Carter has 6 teeth!

A few days later, Chris and I were unpacking the truck from a big trip to Costco.  Our dogs started going ballistic so we peeked out the back window and spotted a huge skunk in our garden.  He immediately sprayed our puppies and it was the most putrid scent I’ve ever smelled.  I could literally taste it.  Ugh, it was repulsive.

We spent the evening bathing the puppies in peroxide, baking soda, soap, beer and vanilla.  It worked pretty well on their bodies, but we were more careful around their eyes, so their heads still smell like skunk.  So gross!

We spent yesterday at the Gruene music and wine festival.  It was nice and cool from the rain and they had plenty of local vineyards showcasing their wines.  We spent about two hours tasting the wines and then headed to the Gristmill to eat dinner.  If you’ve never been to the festival, it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.

I’m including a lot of pictures in this slideshow.  They date back two months, from Chris’ 30th birthday at the JW Marriott, to Helen’s visit, to Memorial Day at Lake LBJ, to my Grandma’s 70th birthday!



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