Carter turns ONE!

We celebrated Carter’s first birthday on New Year’s eve day, Saturday, January 31st!  Since we all know that first birthdays are for the adults, I wanted to decorate the house with more elegant decorations and serve champagne and cake-pops!  I had a vision for the dining room so I went out and bought all of the materials and then hired a professional to put it all together!  It ended up coming together perfectly and made for a very stylish birthday boy/New Year’s eve theme.

I was searching for cake-ball recipes online and stumbled upon a blog that showcased gorgeous cake-pop bouquets!  Chris was a tremendous help in the kitchen and after three nights of work, we had three wonderful cake-pop bouquets for everyone to devour at Carter’s party!  They looked amazing and tasted delicious!

With about 30 friends we had a great turnout and Carter even had a couple of his best friends here to play with him.  We set up a bouncy castle in our backyard and  the kids loved it.  The weather was perfect, cool and sunny, so everyone sipped champagne and wine while watching the kiddos play.

The party was a complete success but the best part of all of it was a surprise visit from my Grandma Marsha!!!  My Grandma flew in from Portland and everyone had kept it a secret from us.  I had asked my Mom to come over a couple of hours early, to watch Carter while we put out all the food and completed the last minute tasks.  Our garage door opened and I immediately picked up Carter to go and hand him off to his Mimi.  When I opened the door my dear Grandma was standing in front of me!  “Whattttt??!!!!” was my response and she said, “Well I wouldn’t have missed this party for the world!”  🙂

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