Mommy sheds a tear with daycare

Carter had his first day of daycare at Country Home Learning Center last Tuesday.  They miraculously had an opening for Tuesday/Thursday, so we snagged it and signed him up last week.  I spent about 45 minutes labeling all his bottles, bibs, clothes, etc., with his name and got his bag packed with the laundry list of things the daycare requires.

Chris and I both drove to him to daycare for his first day at school.  He’s in a classroom with mostly 6 – 12 month olds.  Since he’s the youngest in his class, because the other classroom  is full, the teachers said he will learn quickly.  They said he’ll watch all the other babies sitting up and crawling around, and he’ll want to quickly learn how to do the same.  Hmmmm….as long as he doesn’t learn all of those things TOO quickly!

His first day was a success.  I had an extremely productive day and Carter received rave reports from his teachers.  They all commented on how happy he was and how much he smiled.  They also told us that he already has a girlfriend!!  This little girl is just fascinated with him and supposedly crawls over to sit next to him, to make sure he’s doing ok.  Love her already!

Real estate has kept me super busy this last month!  I’m excited to report that we have found one of my best friends a home in Fair Oaks Ranch.  Kate, Michael and Sanders are selling their house in Fort Worth and moving back to Boerne!!!  I’m thrilled that the boys will get to grow up together.

For Memorial day weekend, we took Carter swimming for the first time.  We went to Sonterra with Ginna, Brodie and Carter’s best friend Davis.  The boys were too cute in their swimwear and sun hats.  They both loved the water and practiced splashing and kicking.

My best friend Corrie flew in from Dallas last weekend to meet Baby Carter!  As always, our time together was too short, but full of some much-needed, quality girl time.  We also got to see Uncle Nick again!!  Carter was excited for some quality guy time.  🙂

We’ve been able to have friends over more often, now that Carter is going to bed around 8:30pm.  I’ve included some fun pictures from one of our recent dinner parties.  We themed it Caribbean and started off by serving pain killer drinks!  Our friends brought over some elaborate appetizers and desserts and we grilled a citrus marinated pork.  You can find both recipes on my Mom’s cooking blog.  It’s a menu that I will definitely do again!!

Tomorrow will be Chris’ first father’s day.  We’ve got lots of fun surprises in store for him!  🙂   Happy Father’s Day to all of you wonderful Daddies out there!!!


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