2 months until Cade Christopher’s arrival!

Two months to go!

We are officially on the countdown to Cade’s arrival!  We have 63 days until September 24, Cade’s due date.  I was on bed rest at this time during my pregnancy with Carter, so I’m in somewhat new territory.  More than anything, I’m ready to get back to my normal clothing stores and stiletto heels!  I’m not a huge fan of my closet right now, which primarily consists of maternity dresses and flats.

Carter is doing well.  He is almost 19 months and says maybe 5 words so far.  His vocabulary currently consists of, “uh-oh, ball, more, Mama and Dada.”  His favorite pastime is most definitely playing basketball.  We have a mini basketball goal in his playroom, along with a slide.  He climbs the slide with the ball and then shoots it into the goal.  This continued routine keeps his entertained for hours at a time.  He’s actually become quite good and consistently makes his shots!  When he does, he exclaims, “ohhhh-beeee!”  It’s become the new phrase in our house hold!

My Keller Williams Luxury office had it’s best month in history!  We closed $102,000,000 of homes last month alone!  No office in the city of San Antonio has ever done that!  There many firms that don’t do that in an entire year!  Needless to say, I’ve been super busy working with both buyers and sellers.  My work has been my savior, keeping me busy and keeping my mind off of the inconveniences of pregnancy.

Chris’ San Antonio office received major honors from the San Antonio Business Journal!  They were the featured article and won San Antonio’s 2012 Deal of the Year for their work on the Halliburton site!  To receive San Antonio’s deal of the year, especially during their first year in business, is pretty impressive!  Chris has hired two new partners and is killing it!  I’m so proud of him and just love bragging on his continued success!

30 weeks pregnant

My parents are in Vegas this weekend for my brother Will’s basketball tournament.  He’s on a traveling team that consists of 15/16 year olds from all over San Antonio.  Will turns 16 this week and is 6’7″.  He’s had a girlfriend for over a year and is still at TMI.  He’s doing really well and I’m constantly reminded of what our future may look like with Carter and Cade, as my parents are living and breathing basketball tournaments right now!  When we go to watch him, Carter insists on bringing his little basketball and likes to run right to the  goal.  Luckily, there is usually a court open and Chris will take him and lift him in the air so he can play as well.  So far, basketball is this child’s life!  Instead of a sweet teddy bear, my child insists on sleeping and going everywhere with his basketball, lol!

All is well in the Weigand household…just counting down the days until I can have my body back and meet my baby Cade! We haven’t taken many pictures lately so most of the slideshow consists of pictures from a bridal shower my Mom and I threw for my girlfriend Jordan Lord.  It was a lovely shower so I thought I would share!


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The new Casa de Weigand!

First, I need to clear the air of any and all gossip that we are having twins.  No, we are not having twins.  The last ultrasound showed only one healthy beating heart; not two, (THANK GOD!).  So what is our big news?!!!

We’re buying our dream home!!!  Chris and I have been passively looking at new homes since we found out that I’m expecting.  We have looked at many homes, but really want a single story home with 4 bedrooms.  We of course have many other features we are looking for, but that’s the main criteria.

We have been eyeing a certain house for a while, but it has remained well out of our price range.  About one week ago, the Sellers re-listed and significantly dropped the price!  Chris and I made an offer immediately and after nail-biting negotiations, WE GOT IT!!  I’m thrilled because in negotiations I got them to agree to leave the refrigerator, ALL window coverings and both the 70” flat screen in the living room and the 46” flat screen in the master bathroom! WOO-HOO!

The home is located in the Springs at Boerne Stage, less than 5 miles from where we live now.  It’s a wonderful neighborhood full of custom homes that sit on larger lots.  Our new home sits on .6 of an acre!  It will be quite an upgrade for us since our current home sits on .13 of an acre.  Here’s a link to the pictures of 23811 Verde River.

I think the house shows much better in person, but you can see the basics in these pictures. 😉  We close on the new house on August 26th, right before Chris’ birthday on the 29th!  I plan on cooking a super fun meal and celebrating his birthday in our new home!  We have our current house on the market; so spread the word to any friends that are looking in our area!  Here is a link to our current home at 6638 Shady Bend Drive.

We are looking forward to getting moved in and having you all over for dinner, VERY SOON!

First Pregnancy at 10.5 weeks

I’m now 10.5 weeks and have attached a bump picture from last night.  Chris made his famous shrimp etouffee and I was showing more than normal, after all the feasting! 😉

Real Estate Press Release


Early Signs that the Recession is Recovering Boosts San Antonio and Boerne Texas Real Estate Values

Forbes magazine has named San Antonio one of the “cities where the recession is easing.” Real estate experts are optimistic about the recovery of local markets throughout the area, including that of Boerne, Texas.

Boerne, TX (PRWEB) March 25, 2010 — Forbes magazine ranks the San Antonio metro area #7 on its recently released list of “Cities Where the Recession is Easing.” The country’s seventh-largest city and one of the fastest-growing in Texas, San Antonio’s strong economy and projected job growth has made it less vulnerable to the negative effects of the recession and has also made it one of the first areas in the country to show signs of recovery. This has contributed towards the stabilization of the region’s real estate markets such as that of the city of Boerne.

Located only around half an hour north of downtown San Antonio, Boerne has been one of the metro area’s biggest success stories in recent years, with its positive growth and diversifying real estate market. Boerne, TX homes for sale have been a popular choice among families due to the area’s highly regarded schools.

The values of Boerne, TX homes for sale have remained relatively stable over the past few years and with 4 military bases expected to increase San Antonio job opportunities by 8.32%; there is no better time to invest in Boerne Texas real estate.

“While it is true that the recession has affected us,” said Boerne, TX real estate specialist Alexis Weigand, “we are lucky in that our housing prices were never very inflated to begin with and so we didn’t have to make dramatic price adjustments. Also, despite the many new homes that have been added to the Boerne real estate market in the course of our continuing growth, we don’t suffer from an oversupply – in fact, the demand may already be outstripping the supply.”The values of Boerne, TX homes for sale have remained relatively stable over the past few years and with 4 military bases expected to increase San Antonio job opportunities by 8.32%; there is no better time to invest in Boerne Texas real estate. For more information on San Antonio market conditions and the Boerne, Texas luxury real estate market, contact Alexis Weigand today and visit her website, www.BoerneTXhomeforsale.com.

Maximize Your Home Value

It’s a back-to-basics economy, but that doesn’t mean you should let your house be anything less than a pleasure to come home to. A welcoming exterior can put a spring in your step each time you climb the stoop. Adding the right elements can increase your daily comfort, too. Fixing up a front porch to lounge on during the hot summer months or swapping a failing roof for something new that’s also maintenance-free makes your space more enjoyable—and shortens your to-do list.

Quality upgrades continue to add value. Home prices may have dropped, but the return on remodeling investments remains strong, according to the National Association of Realtors. Not surprisingly, exterior improvements still lead the pack in terms of biggest bang for the buck, with siding and windows paying you back over 75 percent of their cost upon resale.

But it isn’t only major projects that make a difference. Whether it’s investing in a good faux version of a real, and really expensive, material like wrought iron or switching in new hardware to freshen your front, the following pages are packed with small ways to spruce up your exterior on any budget. After all, there’s never a wrong time to make your home more of a haven.

Provided by This Old House. To read more and see photos of several before and after projects, visit:


New Lending Policies Announced by FHA

If you’ve been listening to the housing news, you’ve probably heard about some lending changes that were announced by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). While many of the news reports were confusing, the truth is pretty clear…and isn’t as bad as some people may have heard.

Overall the measures announced by the FHA are intended to help the organization better manage its risks and strengthen its capital reserves, while still providing home loans to the nation.

The good news, as FHA Commissioner David Stevens stated recently, is that “by continuing to provide affordable, responsible mortgage products, FHA will support the housing market’s recovery” and “remain the largest source of home purchase financing for underserved communities.”

What’s Changing?

If you or someone you know is considering a FHA loan, some of these changes may affect you. Here’s a clear, concise rundown of the major changes and what they mean:

1. Increased mortgage insurance. The mortgage insurance premium (referred to as private mortgage insurance by many people) will be increased from 1.75% to 2.25%. This change will add some cost to purchasing a home, but will not overburden consumers since the mortgage insurance is paid over the life of the loan, rather than upfront at closing. This change will become effective on April 5, 2010.

2. New down payment and credit score requirements. According to the new policy, homebuyers who have a credit score of at least 580 may still be able to purchase a home with 3.5% down, but those with credit scores of less than 580 will be required to put down at least 10%. This change is designed to help the FHA balance its risk, while still providing affordable down payments for consumers with a history of good credit and responsibility.

3. Reduced seller concession. Basically, this change means that the person selling the home will now only be able to offer the home buyer 3% to help defray closing costs, as opposed to 6% under the previous policy.

In addition to these changes, the new policies contain a series of new measures aimed at increasing lender enforcement.

The bottom line is that the changes will impact some homebuyers more than others. But in the end, the FHA is still committed to providing affordable home loans.