Miss Bailey Bear

Miss Bailey is our newest addition to our family! She was born on January 5th, 2010 and has a Maltese mother and a Toy Poodle father. Our little maltipoo was only 1.42 lbs when I first picked her up. She should grow to be about 5lbs, the same size as current puppy, Ollie.

Why the new addition?! Ollie is almost a year old now and is still very playful. We hate leaving her home alone, so the most logical answer seemed to be a new playmate. 😉 Ollie was wary at first, but they are now best buds. Together, they nap in my lap and are constantly playing and harassing each other. Bailey hasn’t met a stranger yet and is excited about any human or dog she comes across!

Why a malitpoo? Poodles are known for being smart, easy to potty train, and they don’t shed! Maltese dogs are known to be lively, intelligent and very loving. I read many times that maltipoos are very good pets for autistic children. Since Chris and I will be starting a family in the near future, we wanted a spirited but intelligent and gentle dog. Miss Bailey has been the perfect fit for us. I can’t wait for all of you to meet her!!


Real Estate Press Release


Early Signs that the Recession is Recovering Boosts San Antonio and Boerne Texas Real Estate Values

Forbes magazine has named San Antonio one of the “cities where the recession is easing.” Real estate experts are optimistic about the recovery of local markets throughout the area, including that of Boerne, Texas.

Boerne, TX (PRWEB) March 25, 2010 — Forbes magazine ranks the San Antonio metro area #7 on its recently released list of “Cities Where the Recession is Easing.” The country’s seventh-largest city and one of the fastest-growing in Texas, San Antonio’s strong economy and projected job growth has made it less vulnerable to the negative effects of the recession and has also made it one of the first areas in the country to show signs of recovery. This has contributed towards the stabilization of the region’s real estate markets such as that of the city of Boerne.

Located only around half an hour north of downtown San Antonio, Boerne has been one of the metro area’s biggest success stories in recent years, with its positive growth and diversifying real estate market. Boerne, TX homes for sale have been a popular choice among families due to the area’s highly regarded schools.

The values of Boerne, TX homes for sale have remained relatively stable over the past few years and with 4 military bases expected to increase San Antonio job opportunities by 8.32%; there is no better time to invest in Boerne Texas real estate.

“While it is true that the recession has affected us,” said Boerne, TX real estate specialist Alexis Weigand, “we are lucky in that our housing prices were never very inflated to begin with and so we didn’t have to make dramatic price adjustments. Also, despite the many new homes that have been added to the Boerne real estate market in the course of our continuing growth, we don’t suffer from an oversupply – in fact, the demand may already be outstripping the supply.”The values of Boerne, TX homes for sale have remained relatively stable over the past few years and with 4 military bases expected to increase San Antonio job opportunities by 8.32%; there is no better time to invest in Boerne Texas real estate. For more information on San Antonio market conditions and the Boerne, Texas luxury real estate market, contact Alexis Weigand today and visit her website, www.BoerneTXhomeforsale.com.

Mercedes Best Car Commercial Ever Video

Cracks me up! Genius marketing!

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Mom’s Chicken Cordon Bleu & NEW BLOG!!

chicken cordon bleu

chicken cordon bleu

Click on the link above to view a .pdf of Liz’s Chicken Cordon Bleu! You can then print it out and try it for yourself!

I just got off the phone with my Mom and she was raving about her dinner that she cooked last night, (a Tuesday night!), for some friends. After she talked me through the recipe, I could only laugh. “Do you know what Chris and I had for dinner last night?!,” I asked her! We got home from the gym around 8:00pm and quickly slapped a sandwich together and made protein shakes. We then headed off to check out a new puppy. I don’t know how my Mom does it! Before we got off the phone, she also talked about her recipe for tonight. So, tonight, a Wednesday night, my Mom is entertaining more friends/Clients and trying a new and exciting recipe. I envy her enthusiasm and everlasting energy that she has for cooking. Chris and I love to cook, but with our schedules, we seem to get 2, maybe 3 recipes from scratch a week. She has recently started her own cooking blog! I’m super excited, because now I’ll have access to all her recipes ONLINE! I’ll be honest, we usually let her try out new recipes and then Chris and I will try the ones she raves about! Give her some time, she JUST started to put together the blog. WordPress.com can take awhile to learn. Go ahead and bookmark www.LizsKitchen.wordpress.com for now, so you can stay up-to-date with all her fabulous recipes!!

What is a blog?

Many of my friends and family have asked me about my blog. “What exactly is a blog?” Well, watch this video and read this article for a better understanding. You can also visit www.bloggingtips.com for more information on how to start your very own blog!

So what is a blog?

The word blog originated from the term web log, a term which was used for scripts which allowed users to publish data in reverse chronological order i.e. newest entries first, then second newest and so on. When blogging first became popular it was mostly used for personal diaries however over the last few years many large news websites have started publishing content using a blogging script.

This was no doubt in part to how easy it was to start a blog and maintain it. The first blogging scripts were quite limited however over the years the platform has evolved into a complete Content Management System (CMS). Thankfully, starting a blog is incredibly easy, even for those with little or no experience on the net (which is another reason why blogging became mainstream so quickly).

The video below was filmed by Common Craft. It is a few years old however it remains a great introduction to blogging for those who have never heard of the medium before. Enjoy :)

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Looking for a puppy

Our pride and joy, Miss Ollie

I’m looking for a playmate for our puppy Ollie. She is about to turn one and Chris and I have decided to make this a priority. It just kills me to leave her at home when we both have to put in long work hours. We are looking for a puppy, and would ideally be able to purchase a female, long-haired chihuahua. If you know of any breeders, please let us know! We would also consider other breeds, as long as they are under 15 lbs, full-grown.

Maximize Your Home Value

It’s a back-to-basics economy, but that doesn’t mean you should let your house be anything less than a pleasure to come home to. A welcoming exterior can put a spring in your step each time you climb the stoop. Adding the right elements can increase your daily comfort, too. Fixing up a front porch to lounge on during the hot summer months or swapping a failing roof for something new that’s also maintenance-free makes your space more enjoyable—and shortens your to-do list.

Quality upgrades continue to add value. Home prices may have dropped, but the return on remodeling investments remains strong, according to the National Association of Realtors. Not surprisingly, exterior improvements still lead the pack in terms of biggest bang for the buck, with siding and windows paying you back over 75 percent of their cost upon resale.

But it isn’t only major projects that make a difference. Whether it’s investing in a good faux version of a real, and really expensive, material like wrought iron or switching in new hardware to freshen your front, the following pages are packed with small ways to spruce up your exterior on any budget. After all, there’s never a wrong time to make your home more of a haven.

Provided by This Old House. To read more and see photos of several before and after projects, visit: