First dinner party in our new house!

Last night, we hosted our first dinner party in our new house.  It was fabulous!  We were celebrating the recent marriage of our good friends, Lindsey & Will Oldham, so we broke out one of our favorite recipes!

19 weeks pregnant!

Chris seared ahi tuna steaks and served them with a ginger and shiitake mushroom cream sauce.  The sauce is to die for, so we served it with fresh mashed potatoes to soak up any extra sauce.  Here is a link to the recipe, on  Britteny and Chris Schaal brought all the ingredients for bananas foster and cooked it up after dinner.  I have 3 words for bananas foster; rich, decadent, divine.

The food was delicious, but it was our close friends that made the night so fun.  We love to cook and entertain, so really, last night was our perfect night!  Our puppies always enjoy the company as well and it’s fun to watch our friends dote on them!!  Soon, our friends will be doting over Baby Weigand.  The very thought of close friends bonding with our baby makes me smile.  🙂

I’m now almost 20 weeks along, which is the infamous half-way point.  Pregnancy is sheer fun right now!  I can no longer button my pants and a stranger can tell I’m preggers.  I have felt the baby’s first kicks and each day, I feel a couple more punches.  The kicks and punches are pretty faint, so I’m looking forward to the day when Chris can feel our baby kick.  He always goes to bed with his hand resting on my belly, so it’s only a matter of days now! 🙂

I’m going to end with a shout out to my dear Grandma!  Happy Birthday Grandma!!  We are counting down the days until we come and visit you in Portland! Only 30 more days!!! 🙂  Love you!!

Mr. & Mrs. Oldham & Chef Weigand 😉

Britteny & Chris making bananas foster!

"I wear my sunglasses at night!" -Miss Bailey

Dinner outside!


Negligee Nightmare

Oh-my-God.  No one will answer their cell phone, so I’m going to have to vent to my blog readers!

I have been working out of our home office for the last week since we are expecting so many furniture deliveries.  I’ve been on the computer all morning, so I’m still in my negligee.  It’s nothing fancy, just a comfy little cotton, polka dot piece that I slept in.

Ring, Ring……  My doorbell was rung about 10 minutes ago.  I figured it was the FedEx or UPS guy, so I gave him about a minute, and then went to pick up the package.  They usually just drop it off and then disappear in seconds.

NOT THIS TIME! There was a good-looking, well-dressed man STILL standing on my doorstep.  Let me please remind you I am a disheveled wreck, dressed only in a small negligee and comfy slippers, with no undergarments.

After multiple apologies for my appearance, he hands me a letter, letting me know he lives 3 doors down and is delivering our ACC acceptance for our new fence.  We then awkwardly proceed to talk about his kids, wife and life.  I feel COMPLETELY naked at first, but after talking for a while, I feel better.   I start to actually think I might not look like a crazy housewife.

Thankfully, after about 10 minutes, I think he felt my awkwardness and just blurted out, “well, it was nice meeting you.”

As soon as I close the door, I RUN to the bathroom mirror to double-check that I DON’T look like a crazy housewife.  I am instantly horrified.  My negligee is white with little purple polka dots and you can clearly see my nipples through it!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!  Normally, this isn’t the case, BUT, being pregnant and all, my tummy is not the only thing that has grown bigger and more prominent.

I’m mortified.  MORTIFIED.  Lovely first impression.  LOVELY.

Moral of the story; give the delivery guys AT LEAST 5 minutes, before checking the door, because you never know when a good-looking neighbor will be there to say hi or deliver a letter.  Also, when nervous and basically naked, while standing at your door with a stranger, refrain from becoming Chatty Cathy.

Dear God, someone please say something to make me feel better!!!!!!!  I’m still in shock of the see-through-ness of my  negligee.  AND it’s only Tuesday…

Sweet Tooth Fairy

I haven’t really had any crazy food cravings or aversions since I found out I was pregnant.  I drink more citrus juices and eat more fruit, but I don’t consider that crazy.

I’m not sure what is so different today, but I’m craving chocolate and sweets like you would not believe.  Brownies are currently baking in the oven and I stopped by the store for mini-snickers, on my way home.  We don’t really keep candy or sweets at the house, so I had to get something!

I know it’s a very unhealthy path to steer down, but it really couldn’t be helped today!  I desperately wish we had a gourmet pastry shop nearby.  I used to live by one in both Madrid and Seville.  They were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I would even be happy with a cupcake shop or local bakery.  We have them in Boerne, but that requires a 20 minute round trip.  I need something next door. The closest thing to gourmet is our nearby HEB pastry shop.  Lovely thought; day old doughnuts and over baked cookies.   I think our new kitchen may get worked in, sooner than later!

On that note, I’ll quickly touch on our move.  It was EXHAUSTING and I never want to move again!  Our new furniture is being delivered as I write this, so tonight will be our first night to lounge!  It’s amazing how productive you can be when you have nowhere to sit!

Our kitchen is fully functioning and our master bathroom and closet are 100% organized.  It’s SUCH a wonderful feeling to reorganize your clothes and makeup.  Out with the old, more room for the new.  Kidding!  Chris would die if he heard me say that!!  He greatly underestimated how much stuff we have and swears that we never need to buy anything, ever again. 😉

I’ll post pictures of the house next week, when we have the house more in order.  Looking forward to having you all over, very soon!

P.S.  Please send the Sweet Tooth Fairy to our house, NOW.  Thanks!