Carter is 17 months old, Mama is 24 weeks pregnant!

22 weeks pregnant

Carter is 17 months old and I am 24 weeks pregnant!  After writing that sentence, all I can think to say is “poor Chris!”  I’m kidding but not completely, lol!  Carter is very into throwing balls, throwing dirt, playing in the garden and splashing around in his raised water tubs.  He’s an extremely active little boy and loves to be outside.

I am finally at the stage where there is no second-guessing if I am pregnant!  My doctor says my weight and belly measurements are right on target but I feel like my belly popped quicker this second time around.

If Cade doesn’t make his debut before September 23, my Doctor will induce.  This means I have 15 weeks at most until our little man joins us!  Fun fact: My Grandma’s birthday is on September 23!!!!

Carter, 17 months

Chris and I celebrated our third year anniversary on May 23 by going downtown to eat at a new restaurant called Bliss!  It was fabulous and since my parents kept Carter for the night, we were able to enjoy our evening downtown.  We rarely get to downtown San Antonio and there are so many new hotspots that have popped up in the last year!  We also celebrated Chris’ Grandfather’s 90th birthday at Silo!  All of the his family flew in and they hosted a fabulous dinner!

At 17 months, Carter was finally ready for his first haircut!  He hated it until they gave him a lollipop and he was able to go from Mommy’s lap to Daddy’s lap.  This child can be such a Daddy’s boy sometimes!

He is in classroom four at his daycare and from what we can tell, his best friend is a little boy named Tucker Stewart.  I am good friends with Tucker’s Mom and at first, daycare had to separate them because they kept biting each other.  His teachers say they rough-house with each other a lot but are currently best buds.

Real estate is booming here in San Antonio and I’m really enjoying my work!  Chris is looking to hire three more full-time employees, so needless to say, Big Red Dog Engineering is growing and doing really well!

We are both working hard to grow our businesses and trying to keep up with Carter’s never ending energy!  Life is good and we are starting to count down the weeks until we get to meet Cade Christopher Weigand! (Yes, his name keeps changing!)  15 weeks to go!!

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  1. Love reading your news! Seeing pics of you all! We are getting ready for our little Aubrey to arrive. 7 weeks to go. I am working on the nursery “stuff”. Lots of sewing to get finished. Cole has the nursery painted and the crib up. It is all coming together. Blanca is tired most of the time and has started with the swelling of her hands and feet, so taking it easy.

    Love you guys.

    Auntie Lisa

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