Top 15 Gift List for Expecting Moms!

Over the last year, I’ve had many girls ask me for my favorite baby items.  Most girls that have asked are either soon-to-be Moms or friends that are about to throw a baby shower.  I thought it would be a cute idea to blog my top fifteen baby items, especially since I’ve had a handful of girls recently request just that!  Here are my top baby items that I recommend every Mother have for the first year.  This of course excludes all of the basics like a crib, changing pad, diapers, etc.!  Those are always welcome gifts but here are a couple that you may not have thought of!  So here it goes, in no particular order!

  1. Bumbo
  2. Baby Swing
  3. Vibrating Chair
  4. Baby Activity Mat
  5. Jumper
  6. Baby Jogger City Mini stroller and Mommy Hooks
  7. BOB Jogger
  8. Boppy pillow
  9. Carseat cover
  10. Peek-a-boo Pod
  11. Bamboo burp cloth
  12. Grocery cart and high chair cover
  13. Baby Bjorn carrier
  14. Wubbanub pacifier
  15. Miracle swaddle blanket

Pictures and details of the items are below!

We used the Bumbo multiple times a day!  Before Carter could sit up on his own, he would sit in this.  He loved being at eye level, so if we were doing the dishes or cooking, the Bumbo was perched on our counter with a very content Carter sitting in it, observing everything around him.  We would put this on the table as well so that we could feed him once he started eating solids.  Easy to wipe clean and perfect for travel.

Baby Swing.  Carter used this daily as an infant!  I even bought a portable one for when we went to my parent’s house or traveled.  They are great for babies that have reflux as well because the baby actually sleeps at an incline.  I have this Fisher-Price little lamb swing and it plays music and swings in different directions.  The cover is also easy to move which is great for when they spit-up.

This bouncer also vibrates.  When babies are young, they are too small to bounce themselves.  I loved this chair because it has different vibrating speeds and plays music.  Carter loved the activity bar that sits above the seat and it’s easily removable!

JV Sports Activity Gym
I loved this activity mat from Pottery Barn Kids!  It has lots of hooks all over so I was able to add more toys!
As babies get older, they LOVE to jump!  This kept Carter entertained for hours!  I loved the particular one because it is adjustable and has three different height settings.  This retails for $100 and is worth ten times that much!
Baby Jogger 2012 City Mini Stroller (Green/Gray)The Mommy Hook 1005
This City Mini Stroller by Baby Jogger is super lightweight and very easy to maneuver.  I bought this particular stroller because by simply grabbing the strap in the front, it quickly folds in half and is a breeze to put into my car.  I can do it one-handed with Carter on my hip!  I kept this in my car and used it at the mall and whenever I would run errands.  You need to also get yourself two Mommy Hooks.  These will hold shopping bags, purses, etc.  I bought four so that each stroller could always have two on it!
The BOB is used by every runner and jogger in America!  All of our friends have one and insisted that we get THE BOB!  I am so happy that we took their advice! We use this for walks and jogs around the neighborhood and outdoor events.  It’s extremely easy to maneuver!  Do not buy this as your everyday stroller; its way too bulky!
Geo Boppy®
I used the Boppy to support Carter while he was nursing.  I then used it to help Carter learn how to sit up!  You of course have to order a couple of cute covers!  You can find them anywhere and has more unique covers that can be personalized!  These covers are from Pottery Barn Kids.
Baby Ritzy Rider™ Infant Car Seat Cover in Blue Minky Dot & Social Circle Blue
Get yourself a car seat cover!  Not only are they more fashionable but they are reversible!  If you have ever tried washing a car seat, you know what a pain it is to remove the outer layer.  Babies spit-up and spill milk and this cover saved us from the sour milk smell!  I got so many compliments on this and LOVED how easy it was to put on and take off of Carter’s car seat.  I bought this one from Itzy Ritzy online.  Careful, the site is addicting!!
This is called a Peek-a-boo Pod.  Again, it’s made by the fabulous Itzy Ritzy!  When the babies are little, you snap their car seat into grocery carts, upside down high chairs, etc.  This allows them to nap without excess light and it also keeps the general public from constantly touching your baby and commenting on how cute they are!  I never left home without this!
Bitzy in Social Circle Blue & Baby Bamboo
This bamboo burp rag made the list because of its shape!  Babies are constantly bopping their heads around and turning from side to side.  I always had a couple of these packed in the diaper bag because they protected my clothes so much more than the basic rectangular burp cloths.  These are also super soft and come it very cute colors!  Again, say thank you to Itzy Ritzy!
Ritzy Sitzy™ Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover in *NEW* Fresh Bloom
Shopping cart and high chair cover. Not only does this keep germs away but it allows you to hook toys to it!  We keep one of these in our cars at all times!  This cover is from
Baby Carrier Original from BABYBJÖRN
Chris used the Baby Bjorn a lot when Carter was little.  We traveled with it but he also kept Carter in it when we were just cooking in the kitchen or had friends over.  Great for shopping at the mall, grocery store, etc.
Last, the wubbanub pacifier is a must-have!  I bought three frogs so that we would have one wherever we were.  When the kids are little it’s much easier for them to grab hold of the stuffed animal to control the paci.  Also, when they spit it out, it doesn’t go falling to the floor.  It stays right on top of them as they sleep. 🙂  They sell all kinds of cute animals!
Miracle Blanket in Blue Solid
This is called a miracle blanket.  They come in all types of materials but they key is the velcro and shape of the blanket.  You simply tuck your baby in and secure the velcro as tight as you like.  We used to call Carter Houdini because he would always find a way to wiggle his way out of being swaddled.  You won’t have that problem with this blanket!  We used it every single night!
Below are a couple of pictures of Carter using some the items mentioned above!

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16 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby kisses in the bluebonnets!

I’ve officially hit 16 weeks!  My official due date is September 30th but the baby is measuring to be due on Sept 26th.  I think it’s crazy how they can estimate down to the very day of delivery!

Many of you have asked me if the doctors think I might deliver early again.  The short answer is no; they don’t think I will deliver early.  My bleeding and complications from the last pregnancy were caused by a placental separation.  That placenta is out of my body and we are working with a brand new one, so the odds are in my favor that I will carry this baby to term.  Having said that, I am still considered a high risk patient so I’m still seeing the same specialist I saw last time, just to be on safe side.

I really enjoyed my last sonogram.  The baby had hiccups and I was able to watch him/her bounce around on a flat screen t.v. for about twenty minutes while the doctor took pictures and measurements.  The detail that today’s technology allows you to see is phenomenal.  It always leaves me marveling at how our bodies inherently know exactly how to create and nourish these new babies.

Baby in shades!

My nausea has subsided!!  As always, Chris has been wonderful over the course of the last three months.  He took over almost all of the cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, etc.  I guess Carter noticed my absence as well because he now reaches for Chris when he falls or he’s tired.  He is becoming a Daddy’s boy very quickly!  I cannot lie though, its sheer joy for me to sit back and watch the two boys play and rough house together.  🙂

At Carter’s 15 month checkup he was 27lbs and 33 inches tall which put him in the 90-95% for his age!  Now that Carter is walking without the help of his walker, he is all over the place.  He opens and closes doors as he wishes and roams from room to room.  He seems to be enjoying daycare and his new favorite toy is his electric car.  Right now, his only words are Ma-ma and Da-da but he points to everything and loves to hear us tell him what he’s pointing at.  I included some cute shots of him playing with his best friend, Davis Lowrey.  That night, they were obsessed with Thomas the train!

Our real estate market has picked up tremendously I’m staying very busy.  It’s been a great distraction and I’m currently dealing with wonderful clients that are eager to keep up with all of the details of my pregnancy.  It’s always fun to be surrounded by people who are so excited about babies!!

Big Red Dog Engineering is also staying busy and has outgrown their Boerne office!  I am currently negotiating a lease for larger office space for them in San Antonio!  All is well with the Weigand family!  We enjoyed our Easter Sunday and will post pictures on the next blog post!

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