First Sonogram!

Q:  How did your first sonogram go on Tuesday?

A: Wonderful!  I spent almost an hour with my nurse practitioner.  Mom drove me to my appointment, and Chris met us there.  Baby Weigand did fabulous for his/her first portrait; we even have pictures to prove it!  I’m 7 weeks along, due around Valentine’s Day, just as we had anticipated.  Our baby is the now the size of a peanut or blueberry.  Chris is cute, as he’s always kissing my tummy and talking to our “little peanut.”  The doctor sent me home with lots of prenatal vitamins, reading material, and a prescription to help the nausea.

Q:  Have you gained weight?

A: Sadly, yes.  Focusing on a settled stomach is not the same as focusing on a healthy diet.  When I found out I was prego, I weighed 130lbs.  I now weigh 134lbs and feel like half has gone to my boobs and the other half has gone straight to my stomach!  I can’t believe I already have to buy new bras.  I thought that would come around month 4 or 5!  La Cantera mall, here I come!  Any brand recommendations for supportive bras?!

Q:  Have you picked out any names yet?

A: You all know me better than to even ask!  We’ve had our baby names picked out for over a year!  Of course, they are always changing, but these have both stuck for over 6 months.

Boy – Carter Allen Weigand. Allen is Chris’ middle name.

Girl – Elise Nicole Weigand. Elise is take on Elizabeth, my Mom’s name.  We are still unsure about the middle name, but Claire is also in the running! I’ve also thought about naming her Claire Elise, and calling her Claire Elise.  The double name scares me just a tad, because I don’t want it shortened to just Claire.  But then again, some days I really do like Claire!  Chris is partial to Elise as the first name.  Any thoughts?!

Craziest story you all have shared with me!

Quoting Grandma Marsha’s email (my Mom’s Mom)

“Do you feel that you have gained any weight yet?  With your Mom, I wanted to gain weight, so Jesse took me for a banana split several nights a week, but I only gained 18 pounds for the whole 9 months.  Same with Chris… That’s odd, isn’t it?  Then the day I left the hospital, BOTH TIMES, I had lost 19 lbs.  Wow!!! Now that I think about it…that’s just plain UNHEARD OF!”

My Mom had almost the same story, but she gained 23lbs, and had lost 24lbs, the day she left the hospital.  Please let me take after my Mom and Grandma!!


7 Weeks and Morning Sickness Blues

We are approaching our 7th week and things have changed a bit in Casa de Weigand.  My normal, healthy diet of salads, fresh veggies and fish has been taken over by vanilla wafers, bagels, yogurt, and pickles.  I’m nibbling at anything that I think can calm my stomach.

Morning sickness, for me, is very similar to feeling hung-over.  You wake up and for a split second, think you might be ok, and then your stomach turns, you feel your headache, and you realize, you are in pain.  A cool dark room and an entire day spent under the covers would be heaven.  BUT, I have found it helps to get up and take the dogs for a walk, and start my day at the normal time.  Nap-time is a must around 4-6pm, if I plan to go to bed anytime after 7:30pm!

I’ve only hugged the toilet a couple of times, each time, learning a different lesson.  I’ve learned orange juice is way too acidic for my stomach, morning or night, and that all vitamins should be taken on a full stomach, late in the day.

Our vegetable garden is flourishing, so I made a Spanish gazpacho with my garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, but found it way too acidic to eat.  On the positive side, my neighbors are starting to love me, with all my food giveaways!

This week is a big week for us!  Chris started his new job today and tomorrow is our first sonogram!  Chris also laid gorgeous hand scraped, wood floors this past week, so I’m busy getting our house back in order and dust free!

Christine’s Grandma is somewhat of a legend when it comes to guessing the sex of your baby, and she has announced we are having a girl!  Christine has lots of friends, and her Grandma has NEVER been wrong!  I have a hunch it’s a boy, but we’re really just hoping for a healthy baby!

I’m a bit late posting these, but they were taken on June 18th, when we celebrated Father’s day and announced the good news!  Grandma, who has decided she will go by Mimi, and Grandpa, received cute bibs and classic baby books.  Chris received a couple of Father-to-be books and some fancy luggage for his big trip to Colorado!  I’ll post pictures of the sonogram, Colorado, and the floors, next time around!

Mimi & Grandpa excited about the news!

Chris and his new Father-to-be books!

Pregnancy Low-Down at 6 weeks

Memorial Day weekend, 2010, Joe & Bethany's wedding (Chris was a groomsman)

To all my friends and family,

Thank you for all the shrieking and shrilling, and hugging and tears!  It has made my day, over and over again!

Many of you have asked how I’m feeling, and voiced your desire to be kept in the loop about all of the details.  I will do my best at updating my bump pictures and writing about all the fun details of pregnancy, through this blog.

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A: First, my appetite has gone through the roof!!  I love it!!  Up until yesterday, I would have said I’m feeling FABULOUS and anxious for a bump!  Today, I’ll be honest, I feel drugged.  I feel like someone slipped me 2 Benadryl and then told me, time to go to work!  FYI, I’m a zombie on Benadryl; it’s the equivalent of taking a sleeping pill for me.

A: Approximately 6 weeks.  I went to the doctor’s office for blood work, to confirm the pregnancy, and based on my HCG levels, they think I’m about 6 weeks along.  This means we conceived on Memorial Day weekend, our wedding weekend anniversary!  I guess Memorial Day weekend is our “happening,” weekend!! 😉

A: Immediate family, all Boerne girls and most of our wedding party.  I had my 10-year high school reunion this last weekend, and I just couldn’t resist sharing the news. So, most of my graduating class knows as well!  We would like to deliver the news first hand, so please, no FB comments yet!

10 year Boerne Reunion; Kate, Lauren, Leslie

Father’s Day Surprise!

My Father’s Day tradition is to have my family over to my house and cook a fabulous brunch. This year was no exception. Dad was packing for a fishing trip to Colorado, Mom was packing for a girls get-away to Santa Fe, and Will was off to basketball camp. Translation; my family was way to busy with their own schedules to have any clue that this Father’s Day was going to be one to remember!  I was about to tell my parents that their wish had finally come true…that they are going to be Grandparents!

I was so anxious to share the good news, I started waking up about every 30 minutes, starting around 3:30am, to look at the clock and mentally calculate the hours left, until my parents would be arriving. I was such an emotional basket case, Chris actually sent me to pick up dry cleaning at 8:00am, just to get me out of the house! Since Chris is had cooked this recipe before, he was in charge of making the waffle batter and blueberry sauce. I made sure the table was set, the gifts were wrapped and everything was ready.

Mom & Dad arrived at 9:00am, and it nearly killed me to make small talk. Chris had just installed wood floors in our dining room, so while I was showing them off to my parents, he got a head start on the waffles.  Chris plated the food shortly thereafter, and I was finally able to tell Dad, “time to open your card!”  I nonchalantly reached for the video camera…and you can view the video below to get the rest of the story!