Early Mothers Day

Mother's Day Card from Chris & the puppies
Chris is out of town this weekend, but will be joining my Mom and I on Sunday afternoon, when he gets back in town. Knowing he wouldn’t be around for Mother’s Day morning, I received my Mom’s day card 2 days early.

First of all, I’ve never gotten a Mother’s day card, so this was very unexpected! It’s too cute! On the front is a picture of cute little red-headed girl on the potty. When you open the card, it sings the song, don’t you know that you’re some kind of wonderful. The text says, “Years after potty training, you still know how to handle all the crap.” It’s signed, “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! Love, Ollie, Bailey & Daddy!”

The best part is that  a gift card for a one hour massage at Lifetime fell out of the card! Chris gets major brownie points for this one!!

Regarding the potty training, Ollie is 98% potty trained with maybe one accident a month. Bailey on the other hand, is taking her sweet time learning to tell me that she has to go out. She’s about 75% potty trained. Due to this, I’m spending this afternoon at flooring companies. We are getting wood floors installed within the month if we can find a product we like! YEAHHHHHHHHH!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day and feel as appreciated as my hubby made me feel! 😉