Carter turns 2 months!

Our little man is two months old and weighs 9 lbs!  He’s 22 inches long and has officially outgrown all of his preemie clothes.  He’s currently wearing Newborn, but fits into some of his 0-3 month clothes.  I’m ecstatic about this because most of his clothes are 0-3 and 3-6.  Our little man is staying awake for longer periods of time and is getting much stronger.  While doing tummy time, he can now lift his head and turn it from side to side!

We had our second trip to his pediatrician and received a good report.  He was given a couple of shots, but cried minimally.  Carter’s still exclusively breast-feeding, but he’s eating so much, my stocked freezer supply is dwindling quickly!  He’s eating six ounces every three to four hours!  I believe he’s currently going through a growth spurt, as this is almost twice as much as he was taking a week or two ago.

We’ve had lots of visitors lately and have loved being able to share our little man.   As long as you have had your flu shot, you are more than welcome to come see this precious boy!

Chris and I are enjoying our evening walks with Baby Carter.  Our subdivision is full of massive hills, so it’s quite a workout, pushing his jogger up the hills.

I’ve purchased a couple of photography books and have taken their advice, on how to set up an in-house portrait studio.  B&H is now my favorite online store!  I’m now just waiting on my softbox to arrive, so I’ll be in business VERY SOON!  This translates to better and cuter pictures for all of you! 😉


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Carter is due TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, February 16, 2011, is Carter’s actual due date!  It’s hard to believe that such an active little boy could still be inside of me!  It’s even harder to imagine having to have been on bed rest for the last 50+days!

Baby Carter has been growing like a weed and is 8lbs as of today!  He’s eating & sleeping every 3-4 hours and is still breast-feeding like a champ.  Since we’ve been home, he’s grown eyelashes and stays awake for up to 2 hours, after eating.  While on his tummy, he can now lift and turn his head from side to side.

When I was about 3 months pregnant, Chris introduced me to his friend’s wife, Ginna Lowrey.  She was pregnant with her first child, and was due on Feb 3rd, only 2 weeks before me!  We instantly became close friends and had fun comparing notes about our pregnancies.

We’ve both been anticipating the day when we would be able to introduce the boys and that day finally arrived!  Earlier today, Ginna and her Mom brought Baby Davis over to meet Carter.  The boys shared a blanket and just stared at each other.  They napped side-by-side while we ate lunch and were perfect little angels.  I’m so excited for them to grow up together, and hopefully remain close childhood friends.

For my birthday, I had a past Client of mine, Christina Klahn, come out to our house to take pictures of our little man.  What a morning!  Chris was holding him, smiling for sweet Daddy/son pictures, when Carter decided to poop out his entire breakfast and then some.  Chris calmly said he needed a towel, but the liquid, bright orange poo was quickly seeping through his hands, and onto our eggshell colored carpet.  FREAKING FABULOUS!  Did I mention that this happened within the first five minutes of the photo-shoot?!

Getting sweet pictures of naked newborns is not an easy feat!  But, Christina managed to get some remarkable shots (click to view all) of our little man.  Take a look at her blog, if you want to view even more cute newborn shots!

We are finally bringing our puppies home from my Parent’s house this weekend.  I’m looking forward to seeing them interact with Carter.  They’ve already played with Carter multiple times at my Parent’s house, but it will be fun to see them cuddle with him at our house.  All of my babies under one roof; I can’t wait!!


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After 2 weeks of having Carter at home…

My sleeping baby

After 2 weeks of having our little man at home, I am ready to show him off to the world!  Unfortunately, our pediatrician has reiterated that we need to keep Carter away from the general public and all the nasty germs!  Thankfully, a handful of my closest friends made sure they were up-to-date with their flu and tetanus shots, and have come over to share in my excitement!

Carter is growing quickly and is nearing 7 lbs.  We had our first visit to his Pediatrician last week.  Dr. Neihisal was very sweet and happy with Carter’s progress.

I am still busy selling real estate and Chris is busy at work.  We have fallen back into a routine and it feels great!  Diaper changes, feedings and tummy time have made their way into our daily routine, but we love it all!

Chris has come home numerous times to a naked, sleeping baby and a very focused Mommy, photographing her little angel!  He laughs every time, but knows he can’t say anything, because it’s now my favorite pastime.

My birthday decided to land on the infamous Superbowl Sunday this year.  My parents are gifting me a photo-shoot with a past Client of mine, who specializes in photographing newborns.  YAY!!!!  I cannot think of anything I would rather do, than play “photograph the baby!!”

Hold your breath, you will see the cutest pictures EVER, on my next post!  Click here to view some of the shots from Carter’s first 2 weeks at home.