Altitude and Pregnancy

Flight to Vail, CO

I just returned from a fabulous girls trip to Vail, Colorado.  Thanks to the Lamy’s, all 11 of us were able to fly out together.   I haven’t flown anywhere since I found out I was pregnant, so I was a little nervous about getting nauseous.  Thankfully, we were able to fly at 40,000 feet, which put us above all the all the clouds and turbulence.  The take off and landing still affected my stomach, but the climb and descent only lasted a couple of minutes, and then it was smooth sailing for the remainder of the flight.

When I told friends and family that I was going to Vail with my girlfriends, I received a lot of advice.  Everyone seemed overly concerned about the altitude and the effects it would have on the baby and my body.  I’ll be honest; I was so excited to see my girlfriends that I hadn’t even given the altitude a second thought.

Taking a hike and stopping for another picture with Brooke!

Now that I’m back from Colorado, I can testify that the altitude does have an effect on your body.  There is less oxygen in the mountains, so your body has to expend more energy, just to keep you breathing.  When we would go on our morning walks or short afternoon hikes, it was hard for me to keep up with the group.   Thankfully, I was the photographer and insisted on taking a picture whenever I found myself short of breath.  (I took lots of pictures!)

The altitude did not have any other adverse affects on me.  I didn’t experience any headaches or nausea.   On our walks, I was out of breath more than my friends, and had to rest a bit more, but everyone understood.

My advice for all pregnant women is to be sensible when visiting the mountains.   Drink lots of water and don’t push yourself too hard.

I just had my third doctor’s visit this morning, and the baby’s heart rate was healthy 150!  My doctor agreed that traveling in high altitudes is safe, as long as you don’t overexert yourself.

Below are some pictures from our week in Vail.  As you can see, we had an absolute blast!  I think I might like Colorado better in the summer than the winter.  The weather was perfect with a high of 75 and a low of 45.   The views weren’t too bad either!

Colorado weather, I miss you!!

Lunch in Vail, CO

Lamy's gorgeous mountain home

Dinner at the Ritz

Highschool best friends, Lauren & Leslie


Fortune Cookies Reveal Gender

Fortune Cookie Reveals Gender!

Chris and I had a busy night tonight and were running all over San Antonio.  I was starving so I called in a to-go order of chicken noodle soup from P.F. Chang’s.  We picked it up and I successfully ate it in Chris’s truck.  This was no easy task as it was filled to the brim and we must have passed over 30 speed bumps!

After our appointment, we are driving back and I realize I still have a fortune cookie to open!! Yay!  I open the fortune cookie…and you will NOT believe what it says!!!


One word.  DAUGHTER.  It then spells out daughter in Chinese and gives me my lucky numbers on the back.  I’m beaming and Chris is yelling, “OH COME ON! No freaking way!”  He demands to open his, but I sadly tell him they only gave us one fortune cookie.  It was a take out order for one….sorry husband.  He insists they put a fortune cookie in the bag for him, and grabs the bag from the back seat.

Sure enough, they gave him a fortune cookie.  He opens his and it also states one single word.


Seriously?!!! It’s like fate was saying, “Hey dumbass, do you not get the meaning of DAUGHTER?  You’re having a GIRL!”

We were speechless.  I’ve never been one to believe in signs or superstition, but this is just crazy!  To take it to the next level, the girl gave us 6 fortune cookies out of the 1,000’s they have at the restaurant.  We chose to open the 2 that said the very words I’ve been dying to hear; Daughter & Girl!!!

If I’m carrying a boy, this karma is really f***ed up!!

P.S.  It’s my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary tonight.  I called them to tell them they are having a Granddaughter.  It seems as if big news insists on being revealed on holidays.  We shared the news of our pregnancy on Father’s Day.  We revealed the gender via fortune cookie reassurance on their 30th wedding anniversary and we’ll confirm the gender at Dad’s birthday party!

P.S.S. I will forever love the spicy chicken noodle soup at P.F. Chang’s!!!

Recession Leads to Baby Boom

3 pregnant Boerne girls!

When you think of the word recession, you probably think of job loss and financially trying times.   Most of the population attempts to cut back on spending and eating out.  Ultimately, this leads to more dinners at home, and more movie nights via Netflix.

I actually prefer date-night at home. Chris and I will pick out a fun recipe and then tackle it in the kitchen, together.  Eating at home means we get to splurge on meats like lobster and filet mignon, but more importantly, it means we get to splurge on the wine!

Before I was pregnant, this was easily my favorite part of the weekend.  I would go to Costco and buy a couple of bottles of very yummy wine.  For me, wine shopping and tasting is sheer fun!  Costco is the largest wine wholesaler in the nation, so you literally can’t beat their wine prices.  Costco never fails to offer a tempting array of vintages and whether I’m buying a case for a party, or a special bottle for date-night, I’ve always been pleased with their selection and prices.

I’m sure other couples have their own preferences for at-home date night, but one thing remains the same; you are in for the night, alone!  I am believe recessions lead to more at-home date nights, which in turn, leads to more lovemaking!  The more lovemaking, the higher the chances are for baby making!

I am personally thrilled because I have a significant number of girlfriends that are pregnant!  It’s just more fun to go through the process with friends, rather than have to go at it alone.  I attended my high school girlfriend’s baby shower this past weekend.  There were four of us that graduated together, same year, and out of the four, three of us are pregnant with our first child!  I think this recession is leading us to our next big baby boom!!

I’ll leave you with a funny, true story.

Chris went golfing with 3 buddies a couple of weeks ago.  They are teeing off and Chris asks, “so, what’s new?”

Golfer 1: “Well, my wife is 9 weeks pregnant!”
Golfer 2: “No shit!  Mine is 8 weeks pregnant!”
Chris: Goes to hit his first golf ball and says, “well, don’t know what’s in the water, but we just found out Alexis is pregnant too!”
Golfer 4:  “I’m sticking to Jack and coke for the remaining 18 holes!”

My Scale Is Lying To Me

13 weeks pregnant

My morning routine starts out like this:

–       open eyes and say good morning to husband and puppies
–       feel full bladder and head to restroom
–       feel hunger pains and head straight to the kitchen for cereal & juice
–       check emails
–       head upstairs to shower

Now, before you all call me crazy, I want you to realize that my body has stayed true to this routine for over 5 years now.   Before I step into the shower, I always weigh myself.  I’m not obsessed with my weight; it has just become a habit.

I consider it a healthy habit.  I now know, thanks to my trusty scale, exactly how my body reacts to different situations.  If I have two dirty martinis the night before, I can expect to weigh 3-5 lbs more, from water retention alone.   Bottom line is that my scale has taught me how to be more in tune with my body.

So, you can imagine that after a 5 year, trusting relationship with my scale, I’m more than a bit disappointed that he keeps lying to me.  Yes, I’m now referring to my scale as a he.  A good girlfriend of over 5 years would not continue to lie to me.

Take a look at the picture above.  This is me at 13 weeks pregnant, after a large dinner.  Do I look like I’ve put on weight since I first found out I was pregnant?  HELL YES I DO!  I feel like I’ve put on 15 lbs.  I even grab my new maternity dresses over my cuter ones, because they now fit better than all my other clothes!

The day I found out I was pregnant I weighed 133 lbs.  I might fluctuate 2 to 3 lbs, but 133 lbs seems to be my body’s comfortable weight.  I continue to weigh myself every morning, and my scale continues to say 134.6 lbs. LIAR!!  How in the world can my body configuration change so dramatically without putting on any real weight?!

Puerto Aventuras, la playa

For the first time in my life, I’m annoyed at the low number on the scale.  I think it’s just hard to process that my body has changed so dramatically, and that I eat SO MUCH MORE, but yet I’ve gained less than 2 lbs.  This is NOT what my body normally looks like at 134.6 lbs.  I know that look, and it’s nowhere even close to the picture above.  It’s closer to the picture below, because I DID weigh 134 lbs in the beach picture.  Seriously!!!!

Many of my friends say they did not start showing until they were 5 months pregnant.  This makes me self-conscious because there is no doubt that I am already showing at 3 months.  I guess the only saving grace is that I haven’t literally put on weight; it just appears that way…for now.

Who am I kidding?!

Some of my best girlfriends!

In response to my last blog post, who am I kidding?  If I am to be realistic with myself, I have to admit that I am dying to know the gender of my baby.  I have a countdown calendar set on my iPhone.  It tells me how many days there are until September 16, the day we find out.  I have 40 days to go.  I have another one labeled Baby Weigand Meets World, and it’s telling me I have 193 days to go.

I was born an impatient person.  If I want something, I want it now.  It’s not always a bad thing, as it’s driven me to make some of my best decisions in life.  After reading my last post, my husband just laughed at me.  He, of all people, knows how impatient I can be.  So, we have made our decision, once again.  We will find out the gender on September 16th.  I’ve never been good at keeping my own secrets, so I’m sure you will all know within 24 hours.

Regarding baby showers, I’m really looking forward to mine!  Since so many of my good girlfriends live out-of-town, showers are a rare occasion that I get to see all my close friends!  For our wedding, we were completely spoiled since almost everyone shopped off our registries.  My close friends all have impeccable taste, so if they do decide to veer from the registry, I’m not worried.  I do agree with my friend though; for some people, probably those with large, extended families, receiving less than cute baby clothing and unnecessary items is probably a very real issue.  It’s no fun to have to return gifts.  It can be a royal pain in the butt if you don’t have the gift receipt.  Bottom line, it’s a gift, so naturally you want to love it.

I totally respect other’s opinions and decisions on gender reveal and gender sharing, but for me, I’m dying to know.  I’m literally counting down the days until I can share the news with friends and family. We have 40 days to go.  Lets just hope this baby cooperates when we finally get to have our next ultrasound!

Baby Advice from a Dear Friend

Shopping at buybuyBaby

Thank you to all my readers for your comments.  Your input and feedback is my motivation to keep posting!

This morning, I received the message below from a very good friend of mine.  He and his wife recently had their first child.

“Regarding the gender revealing, or at least sharing- You should know if you tell people the gender they are more likely to get you clothes, often in awful pink or blue. If you don’t share the gender you’re more likely to get items (nursery necessities, diapers, gift cards…general usable stuff off your registry). If you have a Buy Buy Baby, register there. Baby’s R Us is crap compared to Buy Buy Baby, which is owned by Bed, Bath & Beyond, so they also honor those 20% off coupons.
We decided not to find out with the first one, as it is one of the truly wonderful surprises you get in life. -That and we really had rather have the needed items off our registry, NOT clothes that my wife and I wouldn’t like anyway.”

His email got me thinking.  I have had SO MANY friends that have voiced the same advice.  Another piece of advice I’ve heard a lot lately, is to avoid any type of theme in your nursery.  As soon as people find out you have a theme, they go crazy!!  My girlfriend themed her nursery around elephants, and she said she received so many elephant toys, she wanted to scream!

Thankfully, my friends are full of advice.  I LOVE it!!  Keep it coming!!

Back to the question at hand; should we wait until after the baby showers to find out the gender?  I don’t think we can wait until delivery.  I simply don’t have that kind of will power in me.  I can see our doctor saying, “I know the gender, do you want to know if you are having a girl or a boy?”  How do you say no to that?!!!

Regarding baby registries, I think we will register at Buy, Buy Baby for everyone that shops online.  We need to have a local store, so would you recommend Target or Babie’s R Us?  All my baby books suggest starting our registry sooner than later, so I’m anxious to get the ball rolling!

I look forward to all your thoughts and opinions on Baby Registries and Gender reveal/sharing!

Name frustration

Ok, so this might be a bit of a ranting post, but I’ll try and make it short.   When we were choosing our baby names, I really liked Claire Elise, but would want her to go by her middle name, Elise.  That is now entirely out of the question.

Why?  I’m at my wit’s end with nicknames.  My name is Alexis.  Period.  There is no variation.  I continue to be called Alex ALL the time.  I have a particularly difficult Client that continues to call me Alex.  It now makes me cringe.  I know two people named Alex; both are male.

Classic scenario:

Me: Hi, my name is Alexis.  Chit chat, chit chat.
Other Person: Chit chat, chit chat.  It was great to meet you, Alex.

MY NAME IS NOT ALEX!!  I would never call someone by a different name, so why must people insist on calling me Alex?!!

I will save my child the frustration of name confusion, and give them one name.  No playing switcheroo or double first names.  Elise or Carter.  I can’t even think of a way to shorten either of those names.  Hopefully, no one else will be able to think of any variations either!