Family Photo-shoot, Carter 2 years, Cade 3.5 months

0001We had a photographer come to the house the other day to capture some shots of us and the kids. The photographer, Chris Saucedo, came at 9am and it was 34 degrees outside! We were only able to tolerate the cold for about ten minutes but I was happy he was able to get some cute shots!

Cade is officially sleeping through the night! He sleeps for seven hours so we are all feeling more rested these days! He’s a very happy baby that LOVES to be held and rubbed and prefers to be naked. But then again, isn’t that every man?!  He had his four-month appointment this past week and weighs 16lbs. To put that into perspective, he is wearing 6-9 month clothes. Or you can just take one look at his cheeks and see that he is quite the chunk!

Carter can’t wait for the warmer weather. He loves to be outside to play with all of the joys nature has to offer – rocks, dirt, sticks, etc. He favorite possession is still his basketball goal. He drags the huge goal all around the house and even had a melt down when it wouldn’t fit in his crib one night. Outside of basketball he has added dinosaurs and toy cars to his list of favorites. He lines all of his cars up and is very neat and orderly with them. This attention to detail must come from his Daddy!

After these pictures were taken, I realized my little man needed a haircut. His hair was so long in these pictures it makes me laugh!  Since we’ve had it cut, I feel like he looks so different. I’ll post more soon but enjoy the slideshow below!

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Cade is HERE!

Cade Christopher Weigand, 5 days old

Cade Christopher Weigand is HERE! He arrived on September 24, 20012 and weighed 8lbs 12oz and was 22 inches long! My doctor induced me a week early and after seeing what a BIG baby he was, she was so relieved that she did! Had we waited any longer, I probably would have had to have a c-section. As it was, the little guy’s shoulder got stuck during delivery so my recovery process was a little longer than anticipated, due to all of the bruising and stitches. Having said that, I was still back at work and in my office a week after delivery!

I am loaded with guilt for waiting so long to post to this blog, so please accept my apologies! My focus has been on my business and getting our family settled with our newest addition! Cade is now five weeks old and is as healthy and happy as can be. He already weighs over 11lbs and has outgrown all of his newborn outfits. As you all know, organizing the boy’s closets is one of my favorite pastimes. I have already had to box up over fifty of his sweet outfits. 😦

Cade is not yet sleeping through the night but he is starting to sleep for closer to 3-4 hours at a time instead of waking up every 2-3 hours. Chris has been helping out with night duty which has been a HUGE help! I am nursing and then pumping when out of the house and I hope to continue until he is at least 6 months old.

Carter is 22 months and is talking up a storm! He LOVES his new nanny, Ms. Patty. She keeps a daily journal of the boy’s activities and each day she proudly reports at least 3 new words that Carter has said! He likes to love on his younger brother and gets very worried when Cade starts crying. He will run over to the baby and rub his head or try to give him a pacifier. He loves to push the baby’s swing and even attempts to share his favorite food with the baby – the dog’s food! Carter eats like a king and then chooses dog food for dessert, lol. It’s disgusting and we try to keep the dog food out of reach but he always manages to sneak a pieces when it’s down and we aren’t looking. I know this because I can smell it on his breath!! :/

Hook’em Horns!

In summary, I am SO RELIEVED to no longer be pregnant!!! I had a really rough last couple of months and the 100+ degree heat did not help my situation! The positive part of the end of my pregnancy was that in my final two months, I helped ten families either sell or buy a new home!

We are now a happy and busy little family of four. Many have asked if we will try for a girl. We aren’t making any decisions for at least another two years. Right now we just want to enjoy our sweet boys and absorb every minute of it. Plus, it’s going to take a long while for anyone to be able to convince me to sign on for another year of pregnancy and sleepless nights. If I had to bet, I would say we are done and I will be perfectly content with my three adoring boys. 🙂

To try to make up for lost time, I have included many photos below. Enjoy!

Mama Weigand

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