Cloth Diapers and a full nights sleep!

I caught both the boys smiling ūüôā

My girlfriend, Mehren Curtis, came over for a play date a couple of weeks ago and her little girl was wearing the cutest cloth diapers. ¬†My first reaction was, “good for you but that’s definitely not for me!”

When she left, I did a google search on Fuzzi Bunz, the name brand of her daughters cloth diaper. ¬†I immediately found a ton of Mom’s that were raving about them. ¬†After lots of reading, I too decided on Fuzzi Buns. ¬†Truth be known, I now prefer them to disposable diapers. ¬†Carter only has one dirty diaper a day, so we really only deal with wet diapers. ¬†I put in a biodegradable liner each time, so just in case it is dirty, I can wash it down the toilet. ¬†I keep Carter in the Fuzzi Bunz when we are at home, but we use disposable diapers when he’s out. ¬†I still can’t believe I’m such a fan of them!!

Carter has been spending lots of time outside.  We recently got all of our herbs and veggies planted so I take Carter outside to water the garden every morning.  He sits in his vibrating chair, smiling and cooing at the breeze.

Speaking of smiling, we get to see his gummy grin on a regular basis now.  I LOVE it!!

We took him to his first Fiesta event, Taste of Northside, last Wednesday night.  Chris carried him in the Baby Bjorn and received more female attention than ever before!!

Carter went on his first road trip last weekend. ¬†We drove to Houston for Christine and John-Michael’s big crawfish boil. ¬†On our way back, we had lunch in Katy with my sister, her husband and their little girl Scarlette. ¬†This was our first time to meet baby Scarlette!¬†¬†She’s three months older than Carter and is just precious!!

Lindsey Oldham babysat Carter tonight while I went to Lifetime. ¬†I took the total conditioning class with my girlfriend Misti. ¬†This was my first real workout in about a year. ¬†My muscles felt like jello when the class was over, but it felt so good to work out! ¬†I hope to start working out on a regular basis. ¬†Hope is the key word. ¬†ūüôā

I was about to wrap up this post and just realized I hadn’t updated you all on the most exciting news YET! ¬†After attending Taste of the Northside, Carter came home and ate 12 oz, since he had skipped his dinner. ¬†He then slept until 6:30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¬†If he sleeps through the night again tonight, it will be the fourth time in a row. ¬†Yipeeeeeee!!!!

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Oh sleepless nights, when will you fade away?!!

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Our little guy has digressed to sleeping for only 1.5-3 hours at a time at night. ¬†It’s been two weeks since my last post.¬† I apologize, but when the babe’s not sleeping, Mommy is not sleeping, and far less gets accomplished!

I can’t let these last two weeks slip away, as they were filled with lots of firsts! ¬†Chris and I had a wedding in Austin last Saturday, so my parents and my Grandma kept Carter overnight. ¬†My Grandma flew in from Portland to meet her great-grandson and help Mom & Dad babysit Carter.¬† As always, her visit flew by and felt way too short!

I hosted a play date at our house this past week, and had two good friends over with their newborns, Hailey and Davis.  The little munchkins were not as entertained as we were, but it was fun to exchange stories and get empathetic nods when talking about sleepless nights and blowout diapers.

This past weekend, Chris flew to New Orleans to be in his good friend Brian’s wedding. ¬†I was sad to miss it, but I had one of my best friends from college, Christine Raborn, come to keep us company! ¬†We took Carter shopping and to eat at Dough and Nordstrom Cafe. ¬†It was my first time to eat at the infamous Dough, and it was fabulous! ¬†Carter cruised along in his Baby Jogger and was a content little shopper. ¬†It was so good to see both my Grandma and Christine, I just wish I could make these girl weekends happen more often!!

Carter should be 6 weeks old, but is really 14. ¬†Again, I go by the corrected date b/c he’s only as developed as a 6-week-old baby. ¬†He’s smiling more, weighs 13 lbs and is 23 inches long. ¬†He ALWAYS sleeps with his hands up and I think it’s the cutest thing! ¬†He still loves bath time and is starting to use his hands more. ¬†He held his bottle for the first time this morning!


P.S. I purchased tulips for $5 at HEB and thought they were too pretty not to photograph! ¬†Also,¬†I just uploaded all the recent pictures taken with my iphone.¬† Some are pretty poor quality and color…due to the iphone camera.

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