2 months until Cade Christopher’s arrival!

Two months to go!

We are officially on the countdown to Cade’s arrival!  We have 63 days until September 24, Cade’s due date.  I was on bed rest at this time during my pregnancy with Carter, so I’m in somewhat new territory.  More than anything, I’m ready to get back to my normal clothing stores and stiletto heels!  I’m not a huge fan of my closet right now, which primarily consists of maternity dresses and flats.

Carter is doing well.  He is almost 19 months and says maybe 5 words so far.  His vocabulary currently consists of, “uh-oh, ball, more, Mama and Dada.”  His favorite pastime is most definitely playing basketball.  We have a mini basketball goal in his playroom, along with a slide.  He climbs the slide with the ball and then shoots it into the goal.  This continued routine keeps his entertained for hours at a time.  He’s actually become quite good and consistently makes his shots!  When he does, he exclaims, “ohhhh-beeee!”  It’s become the new phrase in our house hold!

My Keller Williams Luxury office had it’s best month in history!  We closed $102,000,000 of homes last month alone!  No office in the city of San Antonio has ever done that!  There many firms that don’t do that in an entire year!  Needless to say, I’ve been super busy working with both buyers and sellers.  My work has been my savior, keeping me busy and keeping my mind off of the inconveniences of pregnancy.

Chris’ San Antonio office received major honors from the San Antonio Business Journal!  They were the featured article and won San Antonio’s 2012 Deal of the Year for their work on the Halliburton site!  To receive San Antonio’s deal of the year, especially during their first year in business, is pretty impressive!  Chris has hired two new partners and is killing it!  I’m so proud of him and just love bragging on his continued success!

30 weeks pregnant

My parents are in Vegas this weekend for my brother Will’s basketball tournament.  He’s on a traveling team that consists of 15/16 year olds from all over San Antonio.  Will turns 16 this week and is 6’7″.  He’s had a girlfriend for over a year and is still at TMI.  He’s doing really well and I’m constantly reminded of what our future may look like with Carter and Cade, as my parents are living and breathing basketball tournaments right now!  When we go to watch him, Carter insists on bringing his little basketball and likes to run right to the  goal.  Luckily, there is usually a court open and Chris will take him and lift him in the air so he can play as well.  So far, basketball is this child’s life!  Instead of a sweet teddy bear, my child insists on sleeping and going everywhere with his basketball, lol!

All is well in the Weigand household…just counting down the days until I can have my body back and meet my baby Cade! We haven’t taken many pictures lately so most of the slideshow consists of pictures from a bridal shower my Mom and I threw for my girlfriend Jordan Lord.  It was a lovely shower so I thought I would share!


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1 year is around the corner!

The guilt has been getting heavier and heavier, finally leading me to sit down and catch you all up to speed.  Carter is eleven months and is the speediest crawler I have ever seen.  His crawling days have been fun but I think we are about to see the last of them in the near future.  Carter has started walking with the help of his push-cart.  When he walks with it he’ll take a couple of steps and then turns to us with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen. It’s as if he is so proud of himself that he can’t contain his enthusiasm and wants to make sure Mommy and Daddy are watching him. Chris and I eat it up – every second of it!!

The little munchkin has twice as many teeth as all of his friends his age. The doctor told us that all kids get their teeth at different times but I think it’s hysterical that mine got his early.  It’s only funny because he still doesn’t have a full head of hair but he does have a full set of teeth! – Four up top and four on the bottom to be exact.

We still make most of his food and serve it to him pureed.  Wether it’s homemade soup or a filet of salmon, put it in the blender and Carter loves it. He eats all his veggies and meat but LOVES his Cheerios like you would not believe.  It’s very entertaining to watch him concentrate on picking up one cheerio at a time.

Chris has hired two full-time employees and Big Red Dog is crushing it! Although he’s putting in lots of hours, the company is growing and deals are getting done! Real estate has kept me busy as well and I’m proud to finally have my new website go live! I spent a good while working with a fabulous web developer in Florida, James Savino. Check it out and leave me a comment on my blog!  www.AlexisWeigand.com

Lots of events have come and gone.  Carter was a tree frog for Halloween! I flew to Dallas for my best friend Corrie’s 30th birthday and then flew to Houston for my sorority big sis’ wedding.  Amira’s family hosted a gorgeous wedding at the Four Seasons downtown and I got to catch up with sorority sisters I hadn’t seen since college. I also drove to Corpus to celebrate Elena and Mariana’s 30th birthday with all the Corpus girls that I dearly miss! We spent Thanksgiving Eve eating Mexican food with good friends and spent the next day with both our families. This year will always go down in the books as the last time A&M thought they had a chance. We are forever the champions – Hook’em Horns!!

We recently hosted our annual Weigand wine tasting. With 55 guests, it was a success!  Everyone brought a bottle of wine and an unwrapped toy to donate to Toys for Tots. We are still in the party planning mode as Christmas is right around the corner. More importantly, we only have 2.5 more weeks until Carter turns one!!!!!! Details on the party to come.


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First Baby Shower!

Hostesses/Closest girlfriends that throw an AMAZING party! 😉

This post is about a month overdue, but better late than never!  A handful of my closest girlfriends threw me a baby shower at my Mom’s house on Nov 6.  I had too much fun seeing everyone and opening up Baby Carter’s presents.  There were tons of decadent desserts and Baby Carter received lots of fun gifts.  Thank you to all the hostesses and especially my Mom, for having it at her house!

Diaper Cake!

Best cupcakes EVER!

Display table of gifts!!

Cutest Cookie Party Favors EVER!

Table of decadent desserts!

Cute rocking and naying horse!!

Chris made a surprise appearance & brought GORGEOUS flowers!! Love him!!

Petit Fours, cute pacifier cookies, monogrammed cookies, amazing cupcakes; these were some of my favorite goodies!

Sweet Baby pictures of Chris & Me


26 Week Bump picture!


Gender Reveal Party!!

Last Saturday, we threw Dad his 64th birthday party.   The Beatles song, “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, even when I’m 64?,” was the theme of the party!

We had lots of Dad’s friends there and a handful of my close girlfriends.  Everyone wore pink or blue Mardi Gras beads, depending on their best guess on Baby Weigand’s gender. We sang happy birthday and then watched Dad cut the cake!  I had purposefully misled a couple of people, Mom and Susan Ford in particular, so it was fun to see their surprise.  Dad was of course on Cloud 9!

Pink & Blue Gender Reveal Cake


If you haven’t already heard the news, via friends, family or Facebook, we’re having a baby boy!  So far, our top name is Carter Austin Weigand.  It’s not a family name, just a name we both like.  CAW is Chris’ initials, so our little man will share that with his Daddy.

We were walking our puppies last week, talking about possible middle names, and Chris said he really liked Austin.  He then told me another reason why he thought it was so appropriate for Carter.  “Think about it,” he told me.  “We met in Austin because we both went to UT Austin.”  (Side Note: Doctor’s can now tell you the very day you conceived.) Chris continued, “AND, Baby Carter was made in Austin at the Stephen F Austin!”  Too much information, I know, but I thought his reasoning was hysterical!  I told him, “well, when you think about it like that, I can’t think of a better or more fitting middle name!”

Carter Austin Weigand.  I love it!  It’s nice to be able to talk about Carter without saying, “Baby Weigand.”  Speaking of Baby Carter, he’s kicking right now!  It’s so fun to feel him.  I sometimes tap my belly and he will respond with a small kick.  😉

To wrap it up, I want to thank all  of you for your excitement and support.  The more my bump grows, the more excited we get!  It’s great to have so many close friends and family to share the excitement with!!  🙂

Below are a couple of fun pictures from the party last weekend!

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First dinner party in our new house!

Last night, we hosted our first dinner party in our new house.  It was fabulous!  We were celebrating the recent marriage of our good friends, Lindsey & Will Oldham, so we broke out one of our favorite recipes!

19 weeks pregnant!

Chris seared ahi tuna steaks and served them with a ginger and shiitake mushroom cream sauce.  The sauce is to die for, so we served it with fresh mashed potatoes to soak up any extra sauce.  Here is a link to the recipe, on Epicurious.com.  Britteny and Chris Schaal brought all the ingredients for bananas foster and cooked it up after dinner.  I have 3 words for bananas foster; rich, decadent, divine.

The food was delicious, but it was our close friends that made the night so fun.  We love to cook and entertain, so really, last night was our perfect night!  Our puppies always enjoy the company as well and it’s fun to watch our friends dote on them!!  Soon, our friends will be doting over Baby Weigand.  The very thought of close friends bonding with our baby makes me smile.  🙂

I’m now almost 20 weeks along, which is the infamous half-way point.  Pregnancy is sheer fun right now!  I can no longer button my pants and a stranger can tell I’m preggers.  I have felt the baby’s first kicks and each day, I feel a couple more punches.  The kicks and punches are pretty faint, so I’m looking forward to the day when Chris can feel our baby kick.  He always goes to bed with his hand resting on my belly, so it’s only a matter of days now! 🙂

I’m going to end with a shout out to my dear Grandma!  Happy Birthday Grandma!!  We are counting down the days until we come and visit you in Portland! Only 30 more days!!! 🙂  Love you!!

Mr. & Mrs. Oldham & Chef Weigand 😉

Britteny & Chris making bananas foster!

"I wear my sunglasses at night!" -Miss Bailey

Dinner outside!

Altitude and Pregnancy

Flight to Vail, CO

I just returned from a fabulous girls trip to Vail, Colorado.  Thanks to the Lamy’s, all 11 of us were able to fly out together.   I haven’t flown anywhere since I found out I was pregnant, so I was a little nervous about getting nauseous.  Thankfully, we were able to fly at 40,000 feet, which put us above all the all the clouds and turbulence.  The take off and landing still affected my stomach, but the climb and descent only lasted a couple of minutes, and then it was smooth sailing for the remainder of the flight.

When I told friends and family that I was going to Vail with my girlfriends, I received a lot of advice.  Everyone seemed overly concerned about the altitude and the effects it would have on the baby and my body.  I’ll be honest; I was so excited to see my girlfriends that I hadn’t even given the altitude a second thought.

Taking a hike and stopping for another picture with Brooke!

Now that I’m back from Colorado, I can testify that the altitude does have an effect on your body.  There is less oxygen in the mountains, so your body has to expend more energy, just to keep you breathing.  When we would go on our morning walks or short afternoon hikes, it was hard for me to keep up with the group.   Thankfully, I was the photographer and insisted on taking a picture whenever I found myself short of breath.  (I took lots of pictures!)

The altitude did not have any other adverse affects on me.  I didn’t experience any headaches or nausea.   On our walks, I was out of breath more than my friends, and had to rest a bit more, but everyone understood.

My advice for all pregnant women is to be sensible when visiting the mountains.   Drink lots of water and don’t push yourself too hard.

I just had my third doctor’s visit this morning, and the baby’s heart rate was healthy 150!  My doctor agreed that traveling in high altitudes is safe, as long as you don’t overexert yourself.

Below are some pictures from our week in Vail.  As you can see, we had an absolute blast!  I think I might like Colorado better in the summer than the winter.  The weather was perfect with a high of 75 and a low of 45.   The views weren’t too bad either!

Colorado weather, I miss you!!

Lunch in Vail, CO

Lamy's gorgeous mountain home

Dinner at the Ritz

Highschool best friends, Lauren & Leslie

Recession Leads to Baby Boom

3 pregnant Boerne girls!

When you think of the word recession, you probably think of job loss and financially trying times.   Most of the population attempts to cut back on spending and eating out.  Ultimately, this leads to more dinners at home, and more movie nights via Netflix.

I actually prefer date-night at home. Chris and I will pick out a fun recipe and then tackle it in the kitchen, together.  Eating at home means we get to splurge on meats like lobster and filet mignon, but more importantly, it means we get to splurge on the wine!

Before I was pregnant, this was easily my favorite part of the weekend.  I would go to Costco and buy a couple of bottles of very yummy wine.  For me, wine shopping and tasting is sheer fun!  Costco is the largest wine wholesaler in the nation, so you literally can’t beat their wine prices.  Costco never fails to offer a tempting array of vintages and whether I’m buying a case for a party, or a special bottle for date-night, I’ve always been pleased with their selection and prices.

I’m sure other couples have their own preferences for at-home date night, but one thing remains the same; you are in for the night, alone!  I am believe recessions lead to more at-home date nights, which in turn, leads to more lovemaking!  The more lovemaking, the higher the chances are for baby making!

I am personally thrilled because I have a significant number of girlfriends that are pregnant!  It’s just more fun to go through the process with friends, rather than have to go at it alone.  I attended my high school girlfriend’s baby shower this past weekend.  There were four of us that graduated together, same year, and out of the four, three of us are pregnant with our first child!  I think this recession is leading us to our next big baby boom!!

I’ll leave you with a funny, true story.

Chris went golfing with 3 buddies a couple of weeks ago.  They are teeing off and Chris asks, “so, what’s new?”

Golfer 1: “Well, my wife is 9 weeks pregnant!”
Golfer 2: “No shit!  Mine is 8 weeks pregnant!”
Chris: Goes to hit his first golf ball and says, “well, don’t know what’s in the water, but we just found out Alexis is pregnant too!”
Golfer 4:  “I’m sticking to Jack and coke for the remaining 18 holes!”