Father’s Day Surprise!

My Father’s Day tradition is to have my family over to my house and cook a fabulous brunch. This year was no exception. Dad was packing for a fishing trip to Colorado, Mom was packing for a girls get-away to Santa Fe, and Will was off to basketball camp. Translation; my family was way to busy with their own schedules to have any clue that this Father’s Day was going to be one to remember!  I was about to tell my parents that their wish had finally come true…that they are going to be Grandparents!

I was so anxious to share the good news, I started waking up about every 30 minutes, starting around 3:30am, to look at the clock and mentally calculate the hours left, until my parents would be arriving. I was such an emotional basket case, Chris actually sent me to pick up dry cleaning at 8:00am, just to get me out of the house! Since Chris is had cooked this recipe before, he was in charge of making the waffle batter and blueberry sauce. I made sure the table was set, the gifts were wrapped and everything was ready.

Mom & Dad arrived at 9:00am, and it nearly killed me to make small talk. Chris had just installed wood floors in our dining room, so while I was showing them off to my parents, he got a head start on the waffles.  Chris plated the food shortly thereafter, and I was finally able to tell Dad, “time to open your card!”  I nonchalantly reached for the video camera…and you can view the video below to get the rest of the story!


3 Responses

  1. Hey girl,
    I am so happy for you and Chris and so excited.. Let me know you nursery colors and theme as soon as you know, so Auntie Lisa can start making things.

    Love you guys,


  2. omg!!! I love that video! Too cute.

    • Thanks! I think it’s my favorite thing EVER! I knew Dad would be excited and cry, but I loved Mom’s reaction! 😉 She is so excited; it’s really cute!! I’m trying to hold her off on buying gender neutral baby clothes!! When do you find out the sex??? I don’t want to wait until my next sonogram….which is 10 weeks away.

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