Carter Austin Weigand is born!!

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What a Christmas!  I have so many fun details to share with you! I’ll start with Christmas day and give you details of our little man’s arrival, the day after Christmas.

Chris and I celebrated Christmas in bed!  Since I was on still on bed rest, we ate and opened all of our presents in bed.  The day was fun, but around 9:00pm, my contractions started back up.  Chris and I tried everything possible to slow them down, but my body had it’s own plan.  We arrived at the hospital around 1:30am.

After my visit in triage, where they told me I was 100% effaced and already dilated to 2cm, I was checked back into Labor and Delivery.  They checked me into the very same room as before, #3.  Over the course of the night, I saw two different doctors.  It was nice to receive different professional opinions, but both doctors had the same thing to say.  Our second doctor put it this way, “honey, it doesn’t matter if you were flat on your back or playing tennis, your body was ready to deliver and you are in labor. There’s nothing we can do to stop it.”

My contractions were worsening , but the anesthesiologist was busy with a C-section.  A couple hours later, I finally received my epidural!!  The anesthesiologist was a saint, and stopped the pain immediately.  After that, we simply had to wait for my body to become fully dilated.  Over the next couple hours, the nurse and the doctor continued to check my progress. We were excstatic when the doctor finally said I was dilated to 9cm, which is referred to as rimming.  She said it would soon be time to start pushing.

Mom and Dad came to say their goodbyes and wish us luck!  With the pain finally gone, I was able to apply a little makeup for the big event!  (Mom found this quite comical and entertaining!)

I had more than the normal amount of fluid in my body, so Carter decided to float back up, which took me back to 5cm.  This meant more waiting.  After about an hour of no progress, Dr. Bower decided to break my water, which kept Carter from floating back up.  She was hesitant to do this at first, due to the fear the umbilical cord getting tangled up.

After about 2 hours, I was fully dilated and the doctor told us it was time to start pushing.  Four contractions later, I delivered Mr. Carter Austin Weigand.  He weighed 4lbs, 13.8 oz and was 18 3/4 inches long!!  (Chris was 19 inches long when he was born, weighing double Carter’s weight, 9lbs!  Basketball coaches, get ready!!)

While Chris was busy taking pictures of our screaming little boy, the doctors quickly examined Carter, and gave him a 9 out of 10, on the Apgar, health test.  We were overjoyed, as we had been very worried about his breathing capabilities right after delivery.

I was briefly able to hold and kiss my little angel before the nurses whisked him away.  It was love at first sight, as every Mom can testify.

Chris and Grandpa visited Carter minutes later in the NICU.  Dad took some great shots of Baby Carter in his first hat; his UT Longhorn hat from his Grandma Helen!

The doctor finished stitching me up (episiotomy), and told me great job.  I don’t remember much after that.  I do remember I was starving and was finally able to eat a small sandwich.  (Food is always on the brain, whether you’re pregnant or breast feeding/pumping, lol!)  I had not been able to eat or drink anything for previous 24 hours, for fear of complications arising, which would have resulted in a c-section.

After delivery, they transfered me to a room in the postpartum wing.  I slept for a couple of hours and then pumped for the first time.  The nurses were blown away by the amount of colostrum I was able to produce.  I hope to breast feed for at least 6 months, so I was very relieved and elated that my body was already producing the necessary fluids!

Carter spent the night in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and remained in stable condition.  He was born at 32.5 gestational weeks, instead of the normal 38-42 weeks.  Due to his early arrival, he will remain in the hospital until he reaches full term (5-8 more weeks), and is performing like a healthy newborn.

I’ll wrap this post up with a slideshow of Christmas day and Carter’s Birthday!  The next update will give you a detailed summary of Carter’s health and all of his improvements!!


Future Longhorn!

Mommy's first kiss

Daddy is in love


Home from the hospital!

A visit from Sanders cheered me up instantly!!

After a very stable day at the hospital, my doctor let me come home!!!  My bed has never felt so wonderful!

I’m on very strict bed rest until delivery.  Every day we can keep this baby cooking will help!  Chris has all of next week off from work, so bed rest will be easy breezy!  I’m going to take this time to invite you all over, to watch movies with me! Just be sure and call before you come! 😉

A special thanks to Misti Fischnar, Jordan Lord, Kate Kent, Blanca & Ruben Perez and Grandma & Grandpa Graf for visiting me in the hospital!!  There is nothing more delightful than having close friends visit, when you are surrounded by so many unknowns.

I’ll keep everyone posted, but no news from the Weigand family is going to mean good news!!  I cannot thank you all enough for all the phone calls and emails!!  Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the rest of the holiday season!!


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32 weeks, hospital update

Romantic dinner, first night in hospital!

I’m 32 weeks and one day, as of today, Thursday.  The past couple of days in the hospital have been hectic, but things seem to be slowing down.  We came in with heavy bleeding and contractions 2 minutes apart.  We’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, being told one extreme to the other.

We were originally told I was in labor and would most likely be delivering that very day.  My body seems to be cooperating better now, but I’m still experiencing intermittent bleeding and contractions.  As soon as they subside, I can be moved out of Labor and Delivery and into a new room in Antepartum.

The nurses and Chris have been a tremendous help, assisting with everyday logistics.  I am on complete bed rest which means I’m glued to the bed, hooked down with multiple monitors.  No getting up, even for bathroom or shower. I’m hoping to gain those privileges today!!  It really just depends on my body and the amount of bleeding and contractions.

I’m 75% effaced, which puts us on a very thin line.  The slightest irritation and I could start dilating.  Once I start dilating, labor cannot be stopped.  They typically stop it with medication, but that medication took about 24 hours to work on me.  We won’t have that much time, next time around, since I’m already 75% effaced.

I’m 32 weeks and a day, which isn’t all that bad.  If Carter is born tomorrow, he would most likely be in an incubator for about a week, and then remain in the NICU for another 6-8 weeks.  We are most concerned for his lung development.  I did receive both steroid shots of celestone, so that’s relieving.  Celestone is a shot that helps speed up the baby’s lung and organ development.

Thank you for all the flowers, visits, emails, calls, texts and prayers.  It means the world to all of us, to know we have such loving and supportive friends and family.  Carter is going to be born into the most amazing village of friends.  I consider you all part of his little village.  😉

Now that I’m off the magnesium drip, I am feeling much better.  The magnesium drip was given to me to stop the contractions.  It’s basically a heavy-duty muscle relaxer and sedative.  I was seeing two of everyone and I felt VERY sluggish.  I was drugged up to the max and hated it!  lol.  I have a clear mind and can now catch up on email. 😉

Our ultimate goal is to keep Carter baking another 4-6 weeks.  Our immediate goal is to make it a full day without any bleeding or contractions.

Mom, Dad & Will make daily visits and bring food!  Chris has been a true New Orleans Saint, bringing breakfast around 7:00am and always bringing dinner.  He insists on staying at the hospital until I’m fast asleep; such a sweetheart.

We are remaining optimistic and have stayed in good spirits, thanks to all of you!!

Immediate updates will be made on Facebook, but detailed updates will be posted to this blog.

Love you all and cannot wait until the day we bring home a healthy Carter, ready to be hugged and kissed by each of you!!


32 weeks pregnant

New due date – Feb 2nd!

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My second round of gestational diabetes testing came back normal, THANK GOD!  I just got off the phone with my doctor and I will have the celestone steroid shot next Wednesday and Thursday, after my next doctor appointment.  This will help Baby Carter’s lungs and organs develop quicker, in case of preterm delivery.

She still believes I have a placental tear, and reiterated that our goal is to make it to 36 weeks.  She will probably induce around 38 weeks, if all is still going well.  That moves Carter’s due date to February 2nd!  My birthday is February 6th, so we have a slight chance of sharing the same birthday!!

Quick shout out to my Miguel & Carlos for helping Chris move furniture last night!!

Only 8 more days until Christmas!!  I’m putting our Christmas cards in the mail tomorrow!!!

31.5 weeks pregnant, update

I went in for my second round of gestational diabetes testing yesterday morning.  I’ll save you details and just let you know it was not fun.  The receptionist insisted I keep a trash can by my side, since I looked so nauseated.  I made it through the testing alive, without any vomiting!

We won’t get results back until Friday.  We will then know more details and hopefully have an estimated due date for Baby Carter!  The results of the gestational diabetes test will determine how the doctors proceed…

I’m continuing to get real estate deals closed, so that’s keeping me busy and happy!!  I’m taking care of everything from my laptop and phone, all out of my house.  My Mom has taken over all my showings for me, so she has been a huge help!

Quick shout out to Liz Short – thank you for bringing over dinner AGAIN!!!  Another shout out to my Mom, for keeping me entertained and laughing during the GD testing.  She brought this game that kept us crying laughing.  It’s called Name the Christmas Carol.  Here’s a link, where you can print it out the riddles and answers.  Enjoy!

31 week update

Mr. Teddy Bear trying out our new car seat cover!

Good news: We visited the sonogram specialist this morning and he found nothing alarming.  That’s good news but they still don’t know what is causing the bleeding.  My OBGYN still seems to think it is a tear that is just too small to see on a sonogram.

Bad news: My first gestational diabetes test came back high.  I’m going to do a 3-hour test at Lab Corp first thing tomorrow morning, to see if I have gestational diabetes.   G.D. is actually a fetal disease, so they are concerned for the baby’s health and development.  I’m fasting tonight and they will take my blood 4 times tomorrow.  I’ll have to drink a bottle of gross liquid and they will then test my blood sugar levels after every hour, for 3 hours.  We should get the results back by Friday.

Unknown: IF I have gestational diabetes, I will most likely have to be admitted into the hospital on an insulin drip, before getting the steroid shots to help with the baby’s lung and organ development.  So, we have to wait a couple more days until I can receive the shots.

Fun news: We got the cover put on the car seat and we purchased a BOB stroller!  As of this morning, Carter weighs 4lbs!  He’s in the 59th percentile; so we are right on track. 😉

Shout Out: Thank you to Lindsey and Will Oldham for surprising us on Sunday night with dinner, dessert and a bottle of wine for Chris!  Love you guys!!!

Hospital visit #2

Chris has been anticipating this weekend for almost 6 months!  He had a goose and deer-hunting trip planned with one of his best friends, James Gregg.  James drove in from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the boys spent Friday & Saturday hunting.

Go figure, the one weekend Chris leaves town; I would end up back in the hospital!  I had to call my Mom at 2:30am on Saturday, to come and take me to the hospital.  I had woken up to an insane amount of bleeding.

We checked into Labor & Delivery at Methodist hospital and quickly saw a doctor.  By that time, the bleeding had stopped.  They monitored Carter and he was happy as could be.  My vitals were stable, so the doctor explained our options.  She said she would let us go, as long as I always have someone “on call,” to take me to the hospital.  I am to remain on bed rest.

She went onto explain that she still thinks I have a tear in my placenta.  Unless it’s an extremely large tear, we won’t be able to detect it on sonogram.  She explained that my doctor will want to deliver the baby as soon as he is fully developed, which is at 36 weeks.

The largest fear is that the tear will expand and will cause a placental abruption.  She said it will be “excruciating pain,” and that I will need to get to the hospital ASAP for immediate surgery.  She went a step further to let me know that I’m a high-risk patient at this point, and the chances of a placental abruption are high.  (SHIT!!!)

I am now back at home, taking it VERY EASY!  Our goal is to keep Baby Carter cooking for at least 5.5 more weeks.  If we reach 36 weeks, they will then induce.

I have an appointment with my specialist early Tuesday, so I’ll post another update that night.

A quick shout out to Liz Short, the Mom of one of my closest childhood friends, for bringing me VERY YUMMY soup and a couple FABULOUS baby gifts!!