History of Casa de Weigand

This blog is updated for our friends and family that we don’t get to see as often as we would like. It has also become my replacement for family photo albums. My wish is to document the different stages of our lives so that one day, we can all look back and reminisce together.

Alexis & her puppies, Ollie & Bail

History of Casa de Weigand

Chris and I both graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. We met right after college, in 2005, and have dated ever since.  We tied the knot on May 23, 2009, on a private beach in Mexico. We were lucky enough to have 100+ of our closest friends and family join us on the gorgeous beach in Puerto Aventuras. The swine flu drama created a scare at first, but it all panned out well! It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by our favorite people at such an exciting time in our lives.

After we were married, we brought two puppies into our family. Miss Ollie is a long-haired chihuahua and Miss Bailey is a malti-poo.  We adore our puppies and are guilty of treating them more like humans than dogs. They sleep with us and are pampered often. Ollie and Bailey are best friends and are the most affectionate and loving dogs I’ve ever had!

We welcomed our first child into this world on Dec 26, 2010!  Carter Austin Weigand arrived 2 months early and spent his first couple of weeks in the NICU. He simply needed a little more time to grow but is now a happy and healthy 2 year old!

On Sept 24, 2012, our second son was born. Cade Christopher Weigand is a very chill baby that is always smiling. As I update this, he is 4 months old.

I am a Real Estate Broker and help people buy and sell homes and land here in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. I’ve been selling real estate for ten years now it has become one of my greatest passions. I’m affiliated with Keller Williams Luxury International and currently sit on our ALC Leadership board. We are the leading sales office in all of San Antonio and the people I get to work with and surround myself with are a large part of our success. I feel so lucky to be part of such a wonderful and successful organization. Visit my website for more!

My husband, Chris, is the President of Big Red Dog, a Civil Engineering firm. They specialize in commercial land development and also have offices in Austin, Houston and Dallas. They are continuing to grow and have quickly established themselves as one of the leading Civil Engineering firms in the state of Texas.

Our kids and work keep us busy but that seems to be what we prefer. Our favorite pastime is fishing, hunting and playing with the boys at my parent’s ranch in Medina.

Below are a couple of shots from our wedding. I guess I keep them on this page because that’s the day that made all of this possible. And they make me smile. 🙂

“I do”

100 of our favorite people at our wedding in Mexico!

Swine-flu-ready wedding party!


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  1. Hi Girl!!! Congrats on the blog. I will love following!! I completely approve of the name choice! ::)))

  2. so johnny haddad con see pics of the baby

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