Molten Chocolate Cake

What is better than finishing a fabulous dinner and ordering a warm Molten Chocolate Cake?! Not much! Chris has such a sweet tooth, so we are always trying new chocolate cake recipes. I found a winner!! It’s a little timing consuming, but here it goes.

  1. Drive to Costco
  2. Head straight to the frozen section and pick up a box of Molten Chocolate Cake by Sweet Street Desserts
  3. Speed home.
  4. Plate one and pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds.
  5. Indulge!

So I know you are rolling your eyes, but I’m not kidding. These are like magic. The melted chocolate flows over the cake and onto the plate as soon as your press your fork to it. Chris and I just split one and are still in heaven. It’s a very rich, dark chocolate, so splitting one turned out perfect. These would be so quick and easy for a dinner party! Mess free, guaranteed success! Now I get to think of a creative and fun way to plate them. 😉

P.S. OMG! I just googled Sweet Street Desserts and you can buy this same 9 cake package on their website for $56.95. I just double checked my Costco receipt and I bought the EXACT same thing for $14.99. I love Costco!


4 Responses

  1. I already discovered these at Costco and they are TO DIE FOR!!!! Morton’s Godiva Cake has always been my favorite, but these definitely rank right up there with Mortons! The problem is, we all like them SO much, we want our own. No sharing! LOL

  2. I wanted to introduce myself. I too am attending CampBlogaway and wanted to say hi! GREG

  3. Glad to know they are so good. I love Costco-can’t beat the prices.
    Stopping by to say hi, I’ll be seeing you at campblogaway 🙂

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