Tour de Cure!!!

Chris and I had such a blast training for the MS150 ride, we have decided that we want to spend our 1 year anniversary crossing another finish line together! We are starting to train for the Tour de Cure and would love to have friends and family join us. We realize this is on Memorial Day weekend, but I promise you it will be more memorable than a day of beer at the beach! We can do that any weekend! The great thing about this ride is that you can choose your mileage. The first day, you choose between a 14, 32, 54 or 83 mile ride. The second day, you choose from a 25, 58, and 80 mile ride. On Day 1, the routes start at Retama Park in San Antonio, TX and finish at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.  On Day 2, we pick back up at Texas State University and finish at Akins High School in Austin, TX. Let us know if you would like to join us! We are looking forward to it!

For more information, check out:


One Response

  1. I can’t believe your ONE YEAR anniversary is already coming up! Better not count on Dad and I to ride with you. Our 30th is coming up and that means we’re too OLD! LOL!

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