Another Bun In The Oven!

Ever since Carter was born, Chris and I have been talking about how far apart we want our children to be.  For many different reasons, we both wanted our kids to be about two years apart. We did the math and that meant we needed to start trying around January.  Well, just like last time, I was very fortunate to get pregnant right away!  We got our first positive pregnancy test on January 21st!

So there you have it.  I have another bun in the oven!  My first trimester with Carter was challenging but this one has been straight up exhausting.  I’m on anti-nausea medicine from the time I wake up until it is time for bed.  I take one zofran at 7am, one at 2pm and then phenegran at 9pm. I’m almost 11 weeks along so I’m hoping all of this will soon pass!

For those of you wondering, I’m betting that it is a girl.  My Mom was much sicker with me than she was with Will.  Plus, the old wives tales say women are sicker when carrying girls.  I know every pregnancy is different but I will be shocked if we find out I’m carrying a boy!  It’s just crazy that this first trimester has been so much more challenging than the first time around!

Have we picked out a name?  Of course we have!!  Elise Ann is our girl name.  I love the name Elise and it’s a shortened version of Elizabeth, my Mom’s name.  Ann is my Grandma’s middle name, my Mom’s middle name and my middle name so it’s only fitting to pass it down to our precious little girl!

If we are having another little boy, we will probably name him Sutton Cade.  We haven’t decided with certainty but we both really like those two names.  We should be able to find out the sex of the baby in early May.  This feels like an eternity to me!

An update on Carter

Stacking blocks is a serious task, one the Carter does not take lightly!

Carter has officially taken his first steps!  I was actually buying him shoes at Stride Rite when I saw him take his first 3 steps!  He was wearing his new kicks and I was checking out.  I turned around to check on him and he just stood right up and walked towards me.  I was speechless!

His old daycare is relocating to a location even further away from our house so we made the decision to move Carter to Country Home Daycare.  We loved his teachers at Little Lighthouse almost as much as Carter loved them.  He used to be all smiles and would reach out for Miss Ashley when he saw her in the mornings.  Chris drops him off in the morning and says it’s so hard to leave him because he just looks up at him and cries when he leaves.  It is definitely an adjustment but I’m hopeful that with a little time, it will get better.  One fun thing about the new daycare is that three of my high school friends have kids in Carter’s class!

Until next time! xoxo

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