Recession Leads to Baby Boom

3 pregnant Boerne girls!

When you think of the word recession, you probably think of job loss and financially trying times.   Most of the population attempts to cut back on spending and eating out.  Ultimately, this leads to more dinners at home, and more movie nights via Netflix.

I actually prefer date-night at home. Chris and I will pick out a fun recipe and then tackle it in the kitchen, together.  Eating at home means we get to splurge on meats like lobster and filet mignon, but more importantly, it means we get to splurge on the wine!

Before I was pregnant, this was easily my favorite part of the weekend.  I would go to Costco and buy a couple of bottles of very yummy wine.  For me, wine shopping and tasting is sheer fun!  Costco is the largest wine wholesaler in the nation, so you literally can’t beat their wine prices.  Costco never fails to offer a tempting array of vintages and whether I’m buying a case for a party, or a special bottle for date-night, I’ve always been pleased with their selection and prices.

I’m sure other couples have their own preferences for at-home date night, but one thing remains the same; you are in for the night, alone!  I am believe recessions lead to more at-home date nights, which in turn, leads to more lovemaking!  The more lovemaking, the higher the chances are for baby making!

I am personally thrilled because I have a significant number of girlfriends that are pregnant!  It’s just more fun to go through the process with friends, rather than have to go at it alone.  I attended my high school girlfriend’s baby shower this past weekend.  There were four of us that graduated together, same year, and out of the four, three of us are pregnant with our first child!  I think this recession is leading us to our next big baby boom!!

I’ll leave you with a funny, true story.

Chris went golfing with 3 buddies a couple of weeks ago.  They are teeing off and Chris asks, “so, what’s new?”

Golfer 1: “Well, my wife is 9 weeks pregnant!”
Golfer 2: “No shit!  Mine is 8 weeks pregnant!”
Chris: Goes to hit his first golf ball and says, “well, don’t know what’s in the water, but we just found out Alexis is pregnant too!”
Golfer 4:  “I’m sticking to Jack and coke for the remaining 18 holes!”