It’s a boy!!

Carter Weigand, 15 months

Through Facebook or friends, most of you know by now that we are having another little boy!  Right now our top name is Cade Sutton Weigand.  Sutton was my Mother’s maiden name and Chris and I both really like it.  We haven’t used any family names yet and I like the idea of passing one down.

I shed a couple of tears, ok a lot of tears, after our appointment with the sonogram technician.  I think there are so many hormones and emotions right before finding out, I probably would have cried a little either way.  I’ll be honest though and admit that I was almost positive we were having a girl.  I was so sure of it because this pregnancy has been very different from my last one.  I was much, much sicker during the first trimester and the fatigue has been exponentially worse this time as well.  Just goes to show you that every pregnancy and child in different, no matter the gender!

We are thrilled about having another boy!  I almost have Cade’s closet completely organized and all of his clothes hung!  Organizing my children’s closets has become my favorite pastime!  I am 21 weeks right now and Cade is due to enter this world on September 30, 2012.  I am hoping and betting that he will come two weeks early!

Carter has no concept of my growing tummy, lol.  He’s 16 months old and still working towards his first word, outside of Mama and Dada.  Mama, of course, was his first word!  He was at 95% on all accounts at his last checkup.  He’s quite a bit taller than all of the kids in his daycare class, so I’m guessing he’ll remain that way from here on out.  I now buy him 3T shirts and 2T shorts.  He is tall and skinny, surprise, surprise.  😉

I flew out to Vegas a couple of weeks ago for the Keller Williams luxury real estate conference.  Mom and Dad and about 20 of our San Antonio agents made the trip as well!  It was a quick trip full of networking and fabulous speakers, but we managed to fit in fine shopping and dining!  I finally got the opportunity to eat at Joe’s and try their famous stone crabs and key lime pie!!  Mom and Dad have been raving about the other ones in Miami and Chicago and they were right, it’s phenomenal!!  Via Facebook, my college roommate from Spain, Mike Fernandez,  saw I was in Vegas and let me know he was also there on business!  We were able to meet up after about 9 years!

Easter 2012

Mother’s Day this year was absolutely perfect!  I woke up and Carter gifted me an engraved bottle of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume and had the bottle engraved, “Happy Mother’s Day, Love Carter.”  I cried when I read his little card to me that had his handprints on it!  Chris gifted me a 3 month membership for massages at a spa nearby!  Woot, woot!

Mom came and picked me up Mother’s day morning and we drove out to JW Marriott’s Lantana spa for massages and a relaxing afternoon by the pool.  If you haven’t been out there, you must go! The spa’s pool and restaurant are completely private from the main pool; think yoga music, private cabanas, and a completely zin atmosphere.

After a very relaxing afternoon, we returned to my parent’s house that evening and the boys cooked an outstanding steak dinner for us! Dad grilled the steaks, had champagne chilled and a lovely bottle of French wine open.  Chris made a mouth-watering side of brussel sprouts, rich and flavorful mashed potatoes and large heirloom tomatoes seasoned, broiled and topped with parmesan cheese.  They ended the meal with a decadent dark chocolate cake! The boys really outdid themselves this year!

In closing, we are all happy and healthy and our businesses are both growing. Cade and Carter are both getting bigger by the day and my doctor says I should be able to carry to term this time. Life is good!

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2 Responses

  1. Wow! Carter is getting sooooo cute. I hope to get down there sometime this summer.
    Cassie and Michael left for South Carolina last Saturday. Yes I still shed tears over my “babies” They are moved into their new house and getting settled. Thank goodness I am busy and getting ready for a shower that my friends are throwing for Blanca, June 24. Blanca is about 30 weeks now, baby is growing and the fluid continues to be up. Baby Aubrey will be here around July 30. Maybe she will be early on Cole’s Birthday 7/23 or Will’s! I almost feel gulity that we are having a girl, but I am very excited to be in the “pink”. I can’t wait to be a grandma!

    I love the name you have picked out for your new little guy. I am sure he will be just as gorgeous as Carter. I am so excited for you and Chris and your growing family.

    Love ya

    Aunt Lisa

  2. Absolutely enjoyed your share…the photos are great…beautiful family! I’m very happy for you!

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