16 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby kisses in the bluebonnets!

I’ve officially hit 16 weeks!  My official due date is September 30th but the baby is measuring to be due on Sept 26th.  I think it’s crazy how they can estimate down to the very day of delivery!

Many of you have asked me if the doctors think I might deliver early again.  The short answer is no; they don’t think I will deliver early.  My bleeding and complications from the last pregnancy were caused by a placental separation.  That placenta is out of my body and we are working with a brand new one, so the odds are in my favor that I will carry this baby to term.  Having said that, I am still considered a high risk patient so I’m still seeing the same specialist I saw last time, just to be on safe side.

I really enjoyed my last sonogram.  The baby had hiccups and I was able to watch him/her bounce around on a flat screen t.v. for about twenty minutes while the doctor took pictures and measurements.  The detail that today’s technology allows you to see is phenomenal.  It always leaves me marveling at how our bodies inherently know exactly how to create and nourish these new babies.

Baby in shades!

My nausea has subsided!!  As always, Chris has been wonderful over the course of the last three months.  He took over almost all of the cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, etc.  I guess Carter noticed my absence as well because he now reaches for Chris when he falls or he’s tired.  He is becoming a Daddy’s boy very quickly!  I cannot lie though, its sheer joy for me to sit back and watch the two boys play and rough house together.  🙂

At Carter’s 15 month checkup he was 27lbs and 33 inches tall which put him in the 90-95% for his age!  Now that Carter is walking without the help of his walker, he is all over the place.  He opens and closes doors as he wishes and roams from room to room.  He seems to be enjoying daycare and his new favorite toy is his electric car.  Right now, his only words are Ma-ma and Da-da but he points to everything and loves to hear us tell him what he’s pointing at.  I included some cute shots of him playing with his best friend, Davis Lowrey.  That night, they were obsessed with Thomas the train!

Our real estate market has picked up tremendously I’m staying very busy.  It’s been a great distraction and I’m currently dealing with wonderful clients that are eager to keep up with all of the details of my pregnancy.  It’s always fun to be surrounded by people who are so excited about babies!!

Big Red Dog Engineering is also staying busy and has outgrown their Boerne office!  I am currently negotiating a lease for larger office space for them in San Antonio!  All is well with the Weigand family!  We enjoyed our Easter Sunday and will post pictures on the next blog post!

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One Response

  1. So glad all is going well. Cole and Blanca are about 24 weeks. Our girl will be named Aubree. Not sure the middle name.
    Cassie and Michael will be moving 1 month from tomorrow. I don’t even want to think about it. Happy for them, but sad for the mama.

    Hugs to you all.

    Auntie Lisa

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