Chris Opens Big Red Dog Engineering Firm

Carter LOVES his jumper!

Carter will be 7 months old in just two days!  Within the last two weeks, both of his bottom teeth have popped through.  The teething process hasn’t been too bad but the little guy is soaking through his bibs and putting everything in his mouth.  He likes to grab my face and yank it closer, giving me a very slobbery and wet kiss.  He then tries to teethe on some part of my face which has made for some funny video footage.

Chris opened the doors to his own engineering firm, Big Red Dog, last Monday.  We’re thrilled with this new venture and very excited about the projects he has already won.  He’s working out of our real estate office in Boerne and is thoroughly enjoying the short 15 minute drive to work.

Setting his own hours has allowed him to work a few weekly rides back into his workout schedule.  The hill country is truly a beautiful place for a cyclist to live so I’m happy he’s back in the saddle!  It has also been such a treat to have him home for lunch a couple of times a week AND have him home by 5:30pm!!

We hosted another successful dinner party last night!  It was great to see old friends and have new ones out to the house.  Lately, our weekends have been packed with social events and we’ve had a blast getting out of the house!  I’ve got two babysitters, Erika and Kari, who are seniors at UTSA and are sorority sisters and best friends.  Between the two of them, we can usually get away for almost any event.  It’s been so fun for us to get out for dinner dates and happy hours!

Carter is doing great and is still the happiest little guy ever.  He plows through four homemade meals of pureed meats and veggies a day and washes it all down with a couple of bottles.  The chunkster weighs over 19 pounds.  I’m 100% ready to make a very large donation to the inventor of baby jumpers.  Carter can spend hours in his jumper, completely entertained!  The jumper and the Bumbo are have been life savers!!

We’re off to go swimming at Mimi’s! Until next time!


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2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your new business venture! We wish you the best! Love the pictures of little Carter… I think he weighs about what my girls weighed at a year! Big guy already! A lot has happened in the Weigand casa these last twelve months! Cheers!

  2. There is hardly a picture without Carter smiling. What a precious happy soul he is!!! Congratulations on your big move to Keller Williams (and then your dad — just perfect). And how wonderful that Chris has opened up his own business. Life is certainly good for you and your family. Let’s face it, you’ve really been blessed!!!


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