Carter’s first trip to the beach

Carter: "Score! My first time holding a girl's hand! Cameron: "Get your grubby hands off of me!!"

Our little man has officially found his thumb.  He’s gotten ahold of it a couple of times before, but now he can keep it in his mouth.  He’s quickly gaining more control over his limbs.  Every time you hold him he locks his legs and insists on standing up.  We of course go crazy over this and tell him he’s the strongest boy ever!

He is still nursing and we are supplementing his extra-large appetite with formula.  After his four-month check up last week, the doctor said he is ready for rice cereal.  Chris fed it to him for the first time and he loved it!  The doctor said it may take a while for him to like it, but she obviously didn’t realize what an eater he is. He had almost 30 spoonfuls his very first time!  Again, we were super stoked about this!

We decided to take Carter and his best friend Davis to Port Aransas last weekend.  Ginna, Davis’ Mom, and I basically had the same due date, so the boys are very close in weight and age.  The six of us rented a condo walking distance to the beach.  Brodie, Davis’ Dad, was hosting a fishing tournament so he drove up with a car full of stuff on Thursday.  Chris, Carter, Ginna, Davis and myself drove up on Friday afternoon.  We borrowed a small trailer from my Dad and it might be fair to compare our truckload to Clark Grizwold’s.  We had portable swings, vibrating chairs, strollers, etc.  You name it, we had two of them for our little munchkins.

It was a very fun but rather chaotic weekend. Elena & Joe were throwing a party at her Dad’s beach house on Saturday, so we were able to join the Corpus gang for the afternoon.  The beach was filled with moss and it was an overcast day, so the boys didn’t get a chance to show off their new swim trunks.  Instead, they were lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and had their first beach pictures taken in their jogging strollers.

Carter is still sleeping through the night!!  He is starting to entertain himself on his activity mat and still loves his swing, vibrating chair and mirrors.  When he’s really happy, he talks to us in coos and gives us the cutest gummy grin you can imagine.

We are still in LaLa land, doting over this precious boy.  His closet is fully stocked with plaid shorts and brightly colored polos.  My little southern gentleman is too fun to buy for!  Mimi says I have a problem, but I say there are far worse problems to have, than a small addiction to buying sweet outfits for my little man!


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2 Responses

  1. Love the post MAMA!!! i definitely think we looked like the Grizwold’s with all the stuff we had for a 1 1/2 day trip… We had so much fun!!!

  2. Carter – a manly man trapped in a cute baby boy’s body. Kids sure grow fast, and watching them grow is one of the best things in life! I thought he and his buddy would actually swim on the beach. So how was the beachside visit for you guys?

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