Carter meets Chef John Besh!

Carter meets Chef John Besh!

We had our first family outing this past Sunday.  San Antonio’s CIA, Culinary Institute of America, hosted a paella cook-off event.  They flew in chefs from all over to compete in an iron chef style paella competition.   They even flew in one of our all time favorite chefs, John Besh!!!!!

Carter and I both got our picture taken with him and I got one of me stirring his pot, lol.  This literally made our day!  Two years ago, Chris took me to one of his top restaurants in New Orleans, Restaurant August.  We were seated by the window and had an exquisite dinner, all while watching one of the Mardi Gras parades.

After the CIA event, we took Carter to meet his Great Grandparents, Art and Jean Graf.  His uncle and cousins, Art, Robert and Alex also came by to visit on Saturday afternoon.  Showing my little man off just never gets old.

Carter is still eating like a champ and developing a little personality very quickly.  Sadly, he has outgrown many of my favorite outfits, including the super cute crocheted beanies I ordered off of  I didn’t even get time to photograph him in all of the beanies!  He weighs 11 lbs and is starting to get baby rolls.

Sleep is still rare but it’s getting better.  Carter slept in his crib for the first time last night and slept for 5 straight hours!  This was a record and I’m hoping we can repeat it tonight!

Speaking of tonight, remember the finale of The Bachelor comes on at 8:00pm.  It will be a girl’s night at our house.  I’m of course rooting for Emily.


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