Carter comes HOME!

Oh what a week!  We got to bring our little man home, this past Wednesday evening.

We have had many, many firsts this week!  First car ride, first tub bath, first day at home, first time to see sunlight, etc.  I have had too much fun documenting all of these moments on camera!

Smiling b/c I love my Daddy!

Where do I begin?  I LOVE this stage!  I’m in heaven and life could not be better.  Carter is sleeping and eating every 3-5 hours.  We are by no means on a schedule, but we may have a little routine down by the end of this week.

Our little man makes the sweetest cooing noises and rarely cries.  He’s PERFECT!

My girlfriend Kate, and her son Sanders, brought us breakfast on Friday morning. Sanders is 8 months, so it was fun to get some tips from Kate and to see the two boys together!

Carter weighs 6lbs 4oz as of tonight.  He still fits in his newborn clothes but won’t for long.  We are still breast-feeding and he eats like a champ!  We have to give him one fortified bottle a day, so we are able to measure how much milk he’s drinking.  He went from taking 50ml at the beginning of the week, to taking closer to 70ml per feeding.  He’s a growing boy!

We are as happy as ever, and simply love having a newborn in the house.  I am completely guilty of being obsessed with my son and will be posting TONS of pictures on this blog!  But not to worry, you won’t get tired of the posts and pictures because Baby Carter is the sweetest little thing you have EVER seen!

Click here to view our Homecoming Pictures!


5 Responses

  1. Oh so sweet. I know you are happy to be home.
    I can’t to come to SAn Antonio to see Him.

    Love him already and you both too.

    Auntie Lisa

  2. Ya’ll are such a cute little family!!!

  3. I love all the pictures. I am so happy for all of you and glad Carter is home. I can’t wait to come visit and hold the little guy. Enjoy every moment with him.

    Cousin Lisa

  4. What great progress he has made and to be home earlier than projected! Precious pictures thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the pic where Carter is smiling next to daddys chest. He is adorable!! (just like the 2 of you)
    Great Auntie K

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