Carter hit the 5lb mark!

"Oh Grandpa, tell Peter the Rabbit to run!!!"

If you count the day Carter was born, which we are, he’s 14 days old today!  Where did time go?!  The little man is doing wonderfully in the NICU.  Below is a list of his recent accomplishments.

  • Hit the 5lb mark!  Carter currently weighs 5.2lbs!
  • Holding his temperature to at least 98.1 degrees during kangaroo care
  • Sucked, swallowed and breathed ALL at the same time, for the first time!!  Translation: He took a bottle for the first time!
  • Ate 9 out of 10ml from a bottle.
  • Passed his hearing test & received a certificate!

I am most excited for his most recent accomplishment, breast-feeding!  The nurses tell us everyday that he is doing great and should be a very healthy baby when he finally gets to go home.

Many of you have asked me when it will be a good time to come and visit Carter.  Unfortunately, no visitors are allowed in the NICU.  They only administer entry cards to Parents and Grandparents.  The NICU is a large wing of the hospital, so it’s not like a normal nursery, where there are windows to view the newborn babies.

Carter’s estimated release date is February 16.  Once we get him home, you are more than welcome to stop by the house to visit.

Since he was born, the doctors have stressed to us the importance of friends and family members getting an updated tetanus shot.  Within the last two years, they have added pertussis to the tetanus shot.  Pertussis protects you from whooping cough, which could be fatal to Carter, if he were to pick it up.  It’s more common than you would think, as my friend’s Mom, who lives in Houston, recently had whooping cough.  So, if you plan on visiting Carter or any other newborn, within the first 3 months of birth, please be sure to get a tetanus shot.  Click here for more information on pertussis.

I’m still pumping every 2-3 hours and bringing my milk to the hospital.  I will now be working with Carter at 9:00am, 3:00pm and 9:00pm, breast-feeding.  I basically live at the hospital, since it’s easier to stay there, rather than make the hour long commute to home and back.  I won’t lie, it’s exhausting, but I know it’s temporary.  To be completely honest, when you are so sleep deprived, it makes everything seem like a blur and the week flies by!  If I could only borrow the hospital beds, it wouldn’t be so bad!!  At times, I’ve thought about bribing my old Labor & Delivery nurses, to let me take a 30-minute nap in one of the open rooms!

Our little world currently revolves around pumping, hospital feeding times, and visiting hours.  Please know that I’m still thinking of all of you, and love hearing from you!!


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3 Responses

  1. So many great developments!! Glad to hear 🙂

  2. So Sweet. Love you guys

    Auntie Lisa

  3. So great to hear all the great news about the “little man” as well as top see pics of all of you with him!

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