Carter at 11 days old

Our little man is doing very well in the hospital.  He was born at 32 weeks, so our doctors are shooting for a discharge date of February 16, which will put him right at 40 gestational weeks.

Carter shouting, "Tell them I want to GO HOME!!"

Caucasian males have the slowest lung development, with African females having the fastest.  I received two shots of celestone steroid shots before he was born, to help his lungs mature.  The shots worked miraculously, as he needs no assistance breathing on his own.

Since he was born, Carter has graduated from the NICU and is now in Intermediate Care.  He started off in an open incubator, so that nurses could have immediate access to him.  A couple days later, he graduated into a closed incubator.  It was at this time that they moved him to Intermediate care.  He has made even more progress, which has allowed him to now sleep in an open crib!

Graduating to an open crib was the highlight of this week, because it means we can hold him whenever we like!! Previously, Carter could not maintain a temperature above 98 degrees, even if we wrapped him in multiple blankets.  We would get all situated with him on our chests, take his temperature 5 minutes later, and be devastated when the nurses had to take him and put him back in the incubator.  Not being able to hold my little angel was the hardest part of last week.  Luckily, I have an amazing husband who knows how to fight my tears!  As soon as I would start to tear up, he would somehow have me smiling and laughing.  😉

Carter definitely takes after his Mimi, being very long and skinny.  At first, we could only do kangaroo care (skin-to-skin), with Carter a couple of times a day, for no more than 30-45 minute intervals.  Now that he is in an open crib, we can hold him all we want! (Did I already mention how excited I am about that??!)  An open crib also means he gets to wear big boy clothes.  I take new outfits to the hospital every morning and LOVE dressing him!!

As of Tuesday, January 4th, Carter weighed 4lbs 14.3 oz.  This is a very healthy weight for a preemie of his age.  The remainder of his hospital stay will be focused on learning how to eat.  He is not strong enough yet, but in a couple of weeks, we will start trying to bottle feed him and introduce him to breast-feeding.  He has latched onto my breast, but after about 20 seconds, he simply passes out, nipple in mouth!

To feed him, they have run a tube through his nose and down to his belly.  A machine then drips my breast milk through the tube, over the course of an hour.  He is eating 42ml every 3 hours.

I have been pumping every 2-3 hours and taking my milk to the hospital.  I’ve been fortunate and have had no problems with milk production.  The nurses already have reserve in the freezer!

For now, we try not to stimulate or wake him up more than twice a day, so that he can put on more weight.  Any stimulation causes him to burn energy.  He simply digests his food, sleeps and poops, and is doing very well at all three! 😉


Proud Mommy

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3 Responses

  1. Congrats! I missed the last post, where he was actually born! My wife and I just hit 34 weeks today – so it’s getting close for us too! Very exciting! Glad your little guy is progressing so well!

  2. I am so so happy for you, Alexis. It must be so hard to leave your little man in the hospital every evening. I can only imagine. Stay strong with your fabulous husband by your side. I know you will be a wonderful Mommy and what beautiful pictures!

  3. Alexis and Chris,

    Seeing his pictures makes me smile. Love him already. He is doing great. He is also gorgeous!

    Your are doing great too. What wonderful parents Master Carter has! 🙂

    Love you both,

    Auntie Lisa

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