32 weeks, hospital update

Romantic dinner, first night in hospital!

I’m 32 weeks and one day, as of today, Thursday.  The past couple of days in the hospital have been hectic, but things seem to be slowing down.  We came in with heavy bleeding and contractions 2 minutes apart.  We’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, being told one extreme to the other.

We were originally told I was in labor and would most likely be delivering that very day.  My body seems to be cooperating better now, but I’m still experiencing intermittent bleeding and contractions.  As soon as they subside, I can be moved out of Labor and Delivery and into a new room in Antepartum.

The nurses and Chris have been a tremendous help, assisting with everyday logistics.  I am on complete bed rest which means I’m glued to the bed, hooked down with multiple monitors.  No getting up, even for bathroom or shower. I’m hoping to gain those privileges today!!  It really just depends on my body and the amount of bleeding and contractions.

I’m 75% effaced, which puts us on a very thin line.  The slightest irritation and I could start dilating.  Once I start dilating, labor cannot be stopped.  They typically stop it with medication, but that medication took about 24 hours to work on me.  We won’t have that much time, next time around, since I’m already 75% effaced.

I’m 32 weeks and a day, which isn’t all that bad.  If Carter is born tomorrow, he would most likely be in an incubator for about a week, and then remain in the NICU for another 6-8 weeks.  We are most concerned for his lung development.  I did receive both steroid shots of celestone, so that’s relieving.  Celestone is a shot that helps speed up the baby’s lung and organ development.

Thank you for all the flowers, visits, emails, calls, texts and prayers.  It means the world to all of us, to know we have such loving and supportive friends and family.  Carter is going to be born into the most amazing village of friends.  I consider you all part of his little village.  😉

Now that I’m off the magnesium drip, I am feeling much better.  The magnesium drip was given to me to stop the contractions.  It’s basically a heavy-duty muscle relaxer and sedative.  I was seeing two of everyone and I felt VERY sluggish.  I was drugged up to the max and hated it!  lol.  I have a clear mind and can now catch up on email. 😉

Our ultimate goal is to keep Carter baking another 4-6 weeks.  Our immediate goal is to make it a full day without any bleeding or contractions.

Mom, Dad & Will make daily visits and bring food!  Chris has been a true New Orleans Saint, bringing breakfast around 7:00am and always bringing dinner.  He insists on staying at the hospital until I’m fast asleep; such a sweetheart.

We are remaining optimistic and have stayed in good spirits, thanks to all of you!!

Immediate updates will be made on Facebook, but detailed updates will be posted to this blog.

Love you all and cannot wait until the day we bring home a healthy Carter, ready to be hugged and kissed by each of you!!


32 weeks pregnant


2 Responses

  1. Tanks for the detailed report. Hope Carter deceides that a nice warm place is better than this cold world.

    Love from both of us,
    Art & Jean

  2. Hi friend!
    You’re such amazing parents already. Carter is so lucky. Wish I could come visit you guys. All my love!

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