31.5 weeks pregnant, update

I went in for my second round of gestational diabetes testing yesterday morning.  I’ll save you details and just let you know it was not fun.  The receptionist insisted I keep a trash can by my side, since I looked so nauseated.  I made it through the testing alive, without any vomiting!

We won’t get results back until Friday.  We will then know more details and hopefully have an estimated due date for Baby Carter!  The results of the gestational diabetes test will determine how the doctors proceed…

I’m continuing to get real estate deals closed, so that’s keeping me busy and happy!!  I’m taking care of everything from my laptop and phone, all out of my house.  My Mom has taken over all my showings for me, so she has been a huge help!

Quick shout out to Liz Short – thank you for bringing over dinner AGAIN!!!  Another shout out to my Mom, for keeping me entertained and laughing during the GD testing.  She brought this game that kept us crying laughing.  It’s called Name the Christmas Carol.  Here’s a link, where you can print it out the riddles and answers.  Enjoy!


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