31 week update

Mr. Teddy Bear trying out our new car seat cover!

Good news: We visited the sonogram specialist this morning and he found nothing alarming.  That’s good news but they still don’t know what is causing the bleeding.  My OBGYN still seems to think it is a tear that is just too small to see on a sonogram.

Bad news: My first gestational diabetes test came back high.  I’m going to do a 3-hour test at Lab Corp first thing tomorrow morning, to see if I have gestational diabetes.   G.D. is actually a fetal disease, so they are concerned for the baby’s health and development.  I’m fasting tonight and they will take my blood 4 times tomorrow.  I’ll have to drink a bottle of gross liquid and they will then test my blood sugar levels after every hour, for 3 hours.  We should get the results back by Friday.

Unknown: IF I have gestational diabetes, I will most likely have to be admitted into the hospital on an insulin drip, before getting the steroid shots to help with the baby’s lung and organ development.  So, we have to wait a couple more days until I can receive the shots.

Fun news: We got the cover put on the car seat and we purchased a BOB stroller!  As of this morning, Carter weighs 4lbs!  He’s in the 59th percentile; so we are right on track. 😉

Shout Out: Thank you to Lindsey and Will Oldham for surprising us on Sunday night with dinner, dessert and a bottle of wine for Chris!  Love you guys!!!


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