Hospital visit #2

Chris has been anticipating this weekend for almost 6 months!  He had a goose and deer-hunting trip planned with one of his best friends, James Gregg.  James drove in from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the boys spent Friday & Saturday hunting.

Go figure, the one weekend Chris leaves town; I would end up back in the hospital!  I had to call my Mom at 2:30am on Saturday, to come and take me to the hospital.  I had woken up to an insane amount of bleeding.

We checked into Labor & Delivery at Methodist hospital and quickly saw a doctor.  By that time, the bleeding had stopped.  They monitored Carter and he was happy as could be.  My vitals were stable, so the doctor explained our options.  She said she would let us go, as long as I always have someone “on call,” to take me to the hospital.  I am to remain on bed rest.

She went onto explain that she still thinks I have a tear in my placenta.  Unless it’s an extremely large tear, we won’t be able to detect it on sonogram.  She explained that my doctor will want to deliver the baby as soon as he is fully developed, which is at 36 weeks.

The largest fear is that the tear will expand and will cause a placental abruption.  She said it will be “excruciating pain,” and that I will need to get to the hospital ASAP for immediate surgery.  She went a step further to let me know that I’m a high-risk patient at this point, and the chances of a placental abruption are high.  (SHIT!!!)

I am now back at home, taking it VERY EASY!  Our goal is to keep Baby Carter cooking for at least 5.5 more weeks.  If we reach 36 weeks, they will then induce.

I have an appointment with my specialist early Tuesday, so I’ll post another update that night.

A quick shout out to Liz Short, the Mom of one of my closest childhood friends, for bringing me VERY YUMMY soup and a couple FABULOUS baby gifts!!


3 Responses

  1. Our prayers with you that you remain healthy and calm and that Carter is allowed some more time to develop. You are lucky to be surrounded by so many friends and family, and the best in medical care. Take care of yourself and baby… Thinking of you, Gigi

  2. Thinking of you, Carter, and Chris. Bake baby bake! 🙂

  3. Hey sweetie, keeping you in my thoughts. Got your sweet thank you card today. Hang tough!! Love you!!!

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