First 2 days of Babymoon!

Dinner at Steelhead Cafe

For our babymoon, we wanted to spend one week eating our way through the best restaurants in Seattle and Portland.  Mission accomplished!  I’ll fill you in on the details of Seattle in this post, and save the details on Portland for the next post!

Chris and I had the time of our lives meandering the streets of downtown Seattle, but the food was what we will remember the most.  We were there during Restaurant Week, which allows the city’s top 100 restaurants to showcase their best dishes on a fixed, 3 course menu.  We asked 2 chefs to narrow the top 100 list to their top 10.  We then studied the menus and booked our reservations for lunch and dinner, every day we were there. Lark, Blueacre, Etta’s, Lola, The Palace and La Panier were our favorites!

Seattle has a very walk-able downtown, so we were able to walk to all but one of the restaurants.  (Lark is located on Capitol Hill, but well worth the taxi fare.)  Our hotel was only a couple of blocks from the fabulous Pike’s Place Market, so we began each day with a leisurely stroll to the market.  We asked the locals for the best French Bakery and found our favorite spot in all of Seattle; La Panier.  We visited the bakery everyday, ordering a chocolate croissant, an almandine croissant and 2 lattes.  The ambiance, the pastries, the location, the coffee, the smell; everything about this place was heavenly.

We would then stroll through the market, discovering new mushrooms and vendors, every time.  It is mushroom season in Seattle and I was fascinated with the different varieties, all offered in one market.  Porcini and Chanterelle mushrooms are two of my favorites, and since they are in season, they were in almost all the dishes we ordered!!

The flower section of the market is breathtaking.  My sweet husband insisted that we take some back to our hotel, so I had a gorgeous bouquet on my nightstand, every night. 😉

We bought lots of fresh fruit for the room and even found Carter some cute onesies.  I love my hot tea, so when we stumbled upon a local tea shop, I was ecstatic.  I bought the cutest rubber ducky tea infuser and lots of loose-leaf tea.  After walking the streets around the market, we also stumbled upon a couple of spice markets and super cute clothing boutiques.  It seemed as if Seattle was built just for me!!  😉

The weather was great and the food was amazing.  We were able to stroll the city, hand in hand, our agendas completely empty!  We talked a lot about Carter and our dreams for our little man.  It was such a wonderful and romantic vacation; you simply must visit Seattle with your significant other at some time in your life.  Our time in Seattle helped us to create some of our best memories yet.

Details on Portland to come….

P.S. I almost forgot.  Our very first morning in Seattle, Obama was having breakfast in a doughnut shop, right by our hotel.  We walked outside, saw the commotion, and 2 minutes later, I was snapping shots of the President and then shook his hand.  Crazy, random start to our first morning in Seattle!

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  1. 1) you eating your way through the Northwest is just like Bethany Getting Married… I can see where you drew inspiration 🙂 2) I swear Chelsea Clinton is in the background to one of those Obama pics.

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