Fortune Cookies Reveal Gender

Fortune Cookie Reveals Gender!

Chris and I had a busy night tonight and were running all over San Antonio.  I was starving so I called in a to-go order of chicken noodle soup from P.F. Chang’s.  We picked it up and I successfully ate it in Chris’s truck.  This was no easy task as it was filled to the brim and we must have passed over 30 speed bumps!

After our appointment, we are driving back and I realize I still have a fortune cookie to open!! Yay!  I open the fortune cookie…and you will NOT believe what it says!!!


One word.  DAUGHTER.  It then spells out daughter in Chinese and gives me my lucky numbers on the back.  I’m beaming and Chris is yelling, “OH COME ON! No freaking way!”  He demands to open his, but I sadly tell him they only gave us one fortune cookie.  It was a take out order for one….sorry husband.  He insists they put a fortune cookie in the bag for him, and grabs the bag from the back seat.

Sure enough, they gave him a fortune cookie.  He opens his and it also states one single word.


Seriously?!!! It’s like fate was saying, “Hey dumbass, do you not get the meaning of DAUGHTER?  You’re having a GIRL!”

We were speechless.  I’ve never been one to believe in signs or superstition, but this is just crazy!  To take it to the next level, the girl gave us 6 fortune cookies out of the 1,000’s they have at the restaurant.  We chose to open the 2 that said the very words I’ve been dying to hear; Daughter & Girl!!!

If I’m carrying a boy, this karma is really f***ed up!!

P.S.  It’s my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary tonight.  I called them to tell them they are having a Granddaughter.  It seems as if big news insists on being revealed on holidays.  We shared the news of our pregnancy on Father’s Day.  We revealed the gender via fortune cookie reassurance on their 30th wedding anniversary and we’ll confirm the gender at Dad’s birthday party!

P.S.S. I will forever love the spicy chicken noodle soup at P.F. Chang’s!!!


10 Responses

  1. Love it- made me smile!!! Oh my, she will be one lil DIVA 😉

  2. love this!!!

  3. Great story sis!

  4. Well I hope it is right. but a boy first makes a good watch for the little sister, (2nd child 🙂 ) Cole is VERY protective of Cassie. i know it will be very loved either way.

    Tia Lisa

  5. Saying that Cole is VERY protective of me is a huge understatement. He started beating boys up for me in elementary school and he has only gotten worse ha ha! Its definitely a good thing though. Not that I ever get into trouble ; )

  6. That’s crazy!!!

  7. That is crazy! Have you found out if it is a boy or girl yet though???

    • Brian,
      We find out on Feb 16th, but we aren’t revealing until my Dad’s birthday party, which is also our gender reveal party. Dad will cut into his cake to determine if he’ll have a granddaughter or grandson! The party is on Oct 2. We will definitely post pictures and video of the reveal! 😉

  8. I believe you will have a girl : ) ! I’ve received like messages this way for many years . I was amazed at first !! You will know the messages meant for you, and the right ones will receive a following confirmation in varying methods. I asked out loud where these messages come from as I boarded a plane. I opened the magazine in front of my seat, and it opened to an article about a fortune cookie manufacture in CA!! I believe that you and your husband are people of good spirit ! Enjoy parenthood : ) !!!

  9. Upps ! Maybe not !! Enjpy Carter : ) !!!

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