Baby Advice from a Dear Friend

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Thank you to all my readers for your comments.  Your input and feedback is my motivation to keep posting!

This morning, I received the message below from a very good friend of mine.  He and his wife recently had their first child.

“Regarding the gender revealing, or at least sharing- You should know if you tell people the gender they are more likely to get you clothes, often in awful pink or blue. If you don’t share the gender you’re more likely to get items (nursery necessities, diapers, gift cards…general usable stuff off your registry). If you have a Buy Buy Baby, register there. Baby’s R Us is crap compared to Buy Buy Baby, which is owned by Bed, Bath & Beyond, so they also honor those 20% off coupons.
We decided not to find out with the first one, as it is one of the truly wonderful surprises you get in life. -That and we really had rather have the needed items off our registry, NOT clothes that my wife and I wouldn’t like anyway.”

His email got me thinking.  I have had SO MANY friends that have voiced the same advice.  Another piece of advice I’ve heard a lot lately, is to avoid any type of theme in your nursery.  As soon as people find out you have a theme, they go crazy!!  My girlfriend themed her nursery around elephants, and she said she received so many elephant toys, she wanted to scream!

Thankfully, my friends are full of advice.  I LOVE it!!  Keep it coming!!

Back to the question at hand; should we wait until after the baby showers to find out the gender?  I don’t think we can wait until delivery.  I simply don’t have that kind of will power in me.  I can see our doctor saying, “I know the gender, do you want to know if you are having a girl or a boy?”  How do you say no to that?!!!

Regarding baby registries, I think we will register at Buy, Buy Baby for everyone that shops online.  We need to have a local store, so would you recommend Target or Babie’s R Us?  All my baby books suggest starting our registry sooner than later, so I’m anxious to get the ball rolling!

I look forward to all your thoughts and opinions on Baby Registries and Gender reveal/sharing!


10 Responses

  1. it might be a cute idea to do your gender reveal at the shower, that way you get the items you need but you can still share your happy surprise with your friends and family:)

  2. I think Cassie’s idea is a cute one, if the gifts concern. If we were having a boy, I definately would not want all the ‘blue’ stuff. I prefer all the non traditional things for little boys. Since were having a little girl, I find I’m the one that has to watch for over pinkifying everything!

    I know I’ve found so much enjoyment decorating and painting so many little girl things for the nursery over the past few months. I wouldn’t change finding out super early that we were expecting a girl for anything. But gender revealing wasn’t something I cared to make a production about. Sam and I had fun just calling and telling everyone close to is individually & sharing the news.

    As for registering….I love to research, research, research. I found that no one had the quality bedding, toys, etc I wanted & the best prices on gear and basics. I opted for registering at and was able to pick from any store that had a website & personalize my own registry to exactly what I thought was best. I found Pottery Barn Kids the best for bedding, Walmart (I know, I hate them as much as the next person) was the best for basic supplies & gear. Who I utilized the most was by far & away AMAZON! They had everything from all the books at great prices to the obscure European toys I prefer to anything commonly available here.

    As for coupons I’ve found pretty much all the baby-big box retailers constantly have a 20% coupon out there, so that wasn’t a factor to me.

    Whew. That was a lot! You might think twice before asking my opinion again 😉 I’m pretty picky 😡

  3. PS… Since when did a face with an : x look like :x? I always thought it was a kiss…like xoxo oh well 🙂

  4. I’m sorry but I think that’s crap. Don’t buy clothes or put them on your registry because every one will get them anyway. Regardless, people will buy them!

    I also think that’s a selfish attitude, a gift no matter how small is thoughtful.

    love, the moody opinionated pregnant girl

  5. scratch that, I’m being overly dramatic and in a weird mood today. It’s just a baby registry…. do what YOU WANT! So many people have opinions about pregnancy…

  6. Alexis, if you find out and DON”T tell, that’s just BS! We want to know!!!!! And if you get clothes you don’t want (as my sister did….a LOT!) just return them or regift!

    And theme if you want! Personally, I”m not a big themere, but if you want to do it, do it! If you get a lot of “theme” stuff, then you have lots of stuff to pick and choose from to use. And again…RETURN OR REGIFT what you don’t use!

    you better tell when you know!

  7. Oh, I forgot some good info! All the stores I recommended earlier where because of their online section….not in store. Nobody carries the majority of what I like in-store. Walmart’s selection online can’t be beat (except for Amazon). Plus, their ship to store option gets excellent reviews. My sister Carrie used the ship to store service with Babies-R-Us with good results. Target does NOT offer this service. Carrie had a nightmareish experience with Target shipping a large item. The package arrived damaged twice and returns are not accepted in store. When using ship to store option from the stores that offer it large items are shipped on the store

  8. Ok…a little too easy to publish unintentionally with iPhone….

    Anyway, shipping to the store you can be sure your package wasn’t damaged in transit and can returned in-store if needed.

    I love online shopping because I can easily read the reports and reviews of the products as I’m browsing. Plus I can stay organized & on task. Shopping in store I felt overwhelmed with options (even though they’re much fewer) and limited on product information.

    Good luck! Will be curious to see what all you find 🙂 also as to finding out the sex, when is your shower going to be? Usually they are held in the third trimester, do you really want to wait till November, when you could find out in September during your ultra sound? I wouldn’t be able to! Love you 😀

  9. Ugh, forgot to say….I’m sorry you don’t have a Buy,Buy, Baby location in San Antonio (we don’t have one in Houston either) I would think they would have a pretty good selection in store, which is what you are looking for. However, I did check them out online, after our visit on the 4th of July, and I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with their selection compared to the other retailers. But I’m not a Bed Bath Beyond shopper, I’ve been with friends & family countless times, can’t remember ever buying anything there.

    Ok now you know my every opinion on the subjects…sorry you asked I’m sure 😉

  10. my first baby book is a photobook for developing kids and this is a great baby book for beginners “

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