Name frustration

Ok, so this might be a bit of a ranting post, but I’ll try and make it short.   When we were choosing our baby names, I really liked Claire Elise, but would want her to go by her middle name, Elise.  That is now entirely out of the question.

Why?  I’m at my wit’s end with nicknames.  My name is Alexis.  Period.  There is no variation.  I continue to be called Alex ALL the time.  I have a particularly difficult Client that continues to call me Alex.  It now makes me cringe.  I know two people named Alex; both are male.

Classic scenario:

Me: Hi, my name is Alexis.  Chit chat, chit chat.
Other Person: Chit chat, chit chat.  It was great to meet you, Alex.

MY NAME IS NOT ALEX!!  I would never call someone by a different name, so why must people insist on calling me Alex?!!

I will save my child the frustration of name confusion, and give them one name.  No playing switcheroo or double first names.  Elise or Carter.  I can’t even think of a way to shorten either of those names.  Hopefully, no one else will be able to think of any variations either!


9 Responses

  1. I guess your mom’s initial plan didn’t pan out, then. When she first came up with your name, she told me “Alexis, but we’ll call her Lexie. That’s cute, don’t you think?” I agreed. I still do. I guess you never really seemed like a Lexie!

  2. Honey, if you weren’t pregnant, I’d tell you to chill and have a glass of wine!

  3. Classic scenario:
    Me: Hi my name is Cassie
    Other Person: Oh hi nice to meet you Kathy!

    Its usually old people who make the mistake so I introduce myself as Cassandra to anyone over 65.
    Good thing I don’t have a lisp or I’d have to change my name.

    • Cassie,
      Me: Hi, my name is Alexis
      OP: Nice to meet you Melissa.

      When they hear it wrong, for me, it’s ALWAYS Melissa!! 😉 I called your Mom immediately after breakfast to tell her how much I loved your boyfriend! As my Mom would say, he’s good breeding material! -what a cutie!

  4. OR she could be Claire Elise (Wade Gaines) and go by Claire (Wade) until she (he) is 32 years old and then switch to Elise (Gaines), then. No big deal except to the people who have known her (him) for some of the 32 years before she (he) switches her (his) name and it becomes a complete crisis, to say the least… hehehe 🙂

    Just speaking from experience… but from experience, you will love her (him) no matter what she (he) goes by or her (his) friends call her (him) 🙂

    • Your comment cracked me up! I don’t even know what I call your man! I think 1/2 the time I call him Wade and 1/2 the time I refer to him as Gaines. I think boys are much more easy going about these types of things!! I’m super excited you are going to Colorado now!!!

  5. Don’t even get me started on my name. NO one ever gets it on the first try. haha.

  6. My sister is named Alexis and I called her Ali when she was little. No matter what the name, nicknames always come up! I named my boy Eli but sometimes call him E for short 🙂

  7. I feel your pain, sister:

    Me: My name is Kate, nice to meet you.
    Other Person: So nice to meet you too, Katie.

    Where does the -ie come from?? I’ve NEVER been a Katie. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

    Love your posts!

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