First Trimester, Officially Over and Done!

12 months pregnant

One of my good friends, Randi Wiley, is 6 months pregnant.  I follow her blog closely and love when she posts in bullet format.  I copied her blog post and filled it in with my information.  It has been a long, hot day, so thank you Randi for making this an easy post!

  • How far along? 12 weeks
  • Total weight gain/loss: 1.5lbs
  • Maternity clothes? Went to Destination Maternity and bought my first pair of maternity jeans.  I then found out about belly bands, and returned the jeans for 2 belly bands.
  • Sleep: If I don’t take a nap, I usually sleep well at night.  I always wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, but it now takes me at least 30 minutes to truly feel awake.
  • Exercise: I went to my first class in 3 months!! Chris and I took the Strictly Strength class at Lifetime yesterday.  It felt wonderful to wake up with sore muscles!
  • Best moment this week: Hearing my baby’s heart beat at the doctor’s office.  He/she is destined to be an athlete with a heart beat in the 170’s.
  • Worst moment this week: Reading that headaches and dizziness are very common and usually stick around for the entire second trimester.  I just started experiencing both. 😦
  • Food cravings: Citrus anything.  Simply Lemonade with Raspberry.  Spicy foods, brownies, cereal with vanilla soy milk
  • Gender: We find out on September 16!!
  • What I miss: Fitting into my cute, belted dresses.  Also, I used to love laying out by the pool in the summer heat.  It now makes me nauseous and dizzy, so I’m stuck indoors with the air conditioning.
  • What I am looking forward to: Girls trip to Colorado.  Spa days and fabulous restaurants await us in Vail!  10 of us will be flying there in 3 weeks!
  • Belly Band

    Weekly Wisdom: Don’t run out and buy designer maternity jeans.  Belly Bands work MUCH better when you are just starting to show.  They cover up the unbuttoned part of your jeans.  If you double it over, they work perfectly! Even if you are dying to buy your first pair of maternity jeans, like me, you’ll soon realize they don’t stay up until you really have a true bump.

  • Milestones: First trimester is officially over and done!

5 Responses

  1. ohhh, you brought the jeans back? I think I only used my belly bands for about a month. But still, buys you some time.
    Thanks for the blog link! 🙂
    Soooo funny about the citrus because I think around the beginning of my 2nd trimester I couldn’t stop eating those Edy’s (Dreyers) Natural Fruit popsicles – The lemonade ones especially. I’d eat like 3 a day!! What is it about lemony/sour things?! Colorado sounds so fun. Be careful in the altitude and stay hydrated. 🙂

  2. You look great! For me, first was worst and second was best. I couldn’t get enough of fresh cherries when I was preg and I loved cereal. What’s weird is that the cherry-love went away but the cereal love has stayed with me and I now consider myself somewhat of a cereal connoisseur. 🙂
    I surprised my husband with a trip to Denver to visit our friends when I was pregnant and I agree with Randi…drink lots of water! I am always super hydrated and even I got a little sick from the altitude, and we were only a mile high…Vail is higher! Have fun.

  3. Ginny,
    We are big fans of Costco and I’ve gone through 3 huge cases of their fresh cherries! I wash them and then keep them in a bowl on the kitchen table. Needless to say, the bowl only lasts a couple of days! Cherries are just irresistible when they are in season!

  4. Randi & Ginny,
    We are flying out on a 12 person private jet to Colorado. Normally, this would excite me, but I’m so scared we are going to run into turbulence. The last time I flew in a private jet, the flight going out was perfect, but the returning flight left me sicker than a dog. I’m the one who gets car sick driving to Austin! Were flights harder on you when you were pregnant??

  5. I flew at 12 weeks and was fine. But I never get motion sickness. I went deep sea fishing at 18 weeks and was fine!
    I’d ask your OB if it’s safe to take dramamine if not maybe something else they can prescribe you?

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