Top 5 reasons to get pregnant this year!

11 weeks pregnant, Molly's wedding

I’m now 11.5 weeks and on the brink of my second trimester…finally!  I experienced a lot of nausea and fatigue during my first trimester.  My nausea medicine would ware off around 4:00pm, so by the time Chris got home from work, I was usually curled up on the couch, in the fetal position.  I now feel like myself again!

A lot of my followers are girlfriends that are thinking about joining the Mommy Club within the next couple of years, so I’m dedicating this post to all of you!

I cannot wait until you get preggers!  I’ve already forgotten about the nausea and truly love being pregnant.   There are SO MANY positives; they really do outweigh the negatives.  I’m creating a punch list of my favorite things, thus far.

1) FOOD.  I have to eat something at least every 2 hours.  This is sheer joy for me!  I’m 3 months along and even though my appetite has soared, I’ve only gained one pound.  I’ll be honest, my insides have started to expand, so I am bigger, but the scale doesn’t show it.  As long as you are eating healthy, you don’t have to hold back, and you can eat as much as you want!! It’s great not to have to feel guilty for eating!!

2) PRODUCTIVITY. I’ve never felt so productive on Saturdays and Sundays!  With no alcohol in my diet, I’m up early, everyday!

3) STRONG NAILS.  I now have manicured nails!!  The day you get pregnant, you will have stronger, longer nails! I went for a mani/pedi the other day and for the first time in MY LIFE, the lady had to clip my fingernails before filing them down.  I was beaming!  It’s the small things that make me smile.

4) HORMONES.  I’ll save the details, but not all hormone surges are bad.   You get my drift? 😉

5) INSTANT CONVERSATION.  Once you announce that you are expecting, you will never lack conversation with any woman.   Everyone will tell you about their experience!  I’ve found it fun, especially listening to my Mom’s friends reminisce about their pregnancies.

So there you go!  My top 5 reasons you girls should jump on board!  Don’t forget that the sooner you jump on board, the closer in age our babies will be!  This means more play dates!!  Love you all!

P.S.  I almost labeled one reason Excitement, but quickly found out I would write a novel.  These are just little positives to pregnancy.  I can’t begin to explain how excited you become to meet the new addition to your family.  The whole process is truly a miracle!


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  1. And I thought one of the top reasons for undertaking this process was that you finally get your Dad off your back about “Just when are you planning on starting a family?” Congrats, Honey! We are just as excited about this as are you and Chris!

  2. It is such a miracle! You think you are in love now or the day of your wedding… Just wait until you see your precious bundle of joy that you both made- You fall in love all over again times ten! Congrats on your new home it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am not too far behind you on making baby #2 So hopefully we will get lots of play dates out of our children. Keep up the positive attitude- you need that energy in month 9 in my eyes technically month 10 😉

  3. Hi Alexis,
    I ran across your blog and just want to say congrats on being pregnant! My pregnancy was one of the best times of my life. Your post makes me think of one I wrote 16 days before my baby was born:

    I wrote this when I thought I was having a girl (and 16 days later a boy came out!), so when you have that 20 week sonogram, make sure the sonogram tech is absolutely certain! 🙂

    Congrats again; I look forward to reading about your pregnancy.

  4. Hey Alexis,

    Ran across your blog, and it is super fun reading your updates. I am 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

    I have a food blog (not a preggo blog), but I will say that I can relate a lot to the stuff are you going through (good & bad!). 🙂 I’m due January 15, 2011.


    Amy Bornstein Blanchard

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