Gender Reveal – How To?


We are due to find out the sex of our little kumquat in late September.  We find out when we have the second ultrasound, which is performed between week 18 and 20.  It’s not 100% certain we’ll find out, but if Baby Weigand minds the doctor and spreads his/her legs, we should be able to determine the sex.  No worries, I’ll be having a very serious talk with Baby Weigand before we enter the doctor’s office.  This time only, Mommy is encouraging wide open legs!

If you are new to the blog and wondering where “kumquat,” came from, it’s from!  They previously sent me an email saying, “Congratulations, your baby is now the size of a kumquat!”  A kumquat is an orange fruit, about the size of a kiwi.  Needless to say, we have advanced from “our little peanut,” to “baby kumquat!”

I’ve been thinking about how we are going to reveal the gender to Mom and Dad.  My girlfriend, Stacie Long, gave me the CUTEST idea ever!!  Since we will be revealing the gender the week of Dad’s birthday, I’m going to bake a cake and have the inside be blue or pink!  They’ll have to wait until we cut into the cake, to find out the gender of their little grandbaby.  How cute is that?!!!  I found the CUTEST cakes on this link to Gender Reveal Parties.  Let me know which cake is your favorite.  I like the one that is covered with pink and blue dots, like below!

Gender Reveal Cake

Since my brother will be present, I’m going to have to place the cake on a covered cake plate and literally duck tape the top down!  I can already see prying fingers trying to dig into the cake!  It’s so cute, he keeps telling me, “Sissy, I’m really excited to be an Uncle.  When are you due?”  Speaking of cake plates, here is the one I have.  I love it because it doubles as a punch bowl.  It’s only $30 at Williams Sonoma.

Since we will be celebrating Dad’s birthday, it will be the ONE and ONLY time buying for him will be EASY!  It’s so hard to buy for my Dad, since he usually buys whatever it is he really wants.  I might be guilty of that as well!  I’m super excited about his birthday this year, because there are tons of cute Grandpa clothes and knick knacks out there!  I just can’t wait to find out if I’ll be buying everything in Blue or Pink!!

If anyone has any other cute ideas about gender revealing, please share!!


5 Responses

  1. I love the cake idea. I had never heard of that. Can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or girl.

  2. Now the song from back in the 70s, “Cut the Cake” by Average White Band is STUCK in my head! Can’t wait to CUT THE CAKE!
    Mimi Liz

  3. Too cute!!! I like chocolate cake. could coordinate with blue or pink. When you find out the gender I will start sewing. 🙂
    Auntie Lisa

  4. What a great idea! I would have never thought of that. I have a friend that did this: At the anatomy scan, they asked the tech not to tell them the sex but write it on a piece of paper they brought and put it in an envelope. That night they went out to dinner with their family and opened the envelope together so they all found out at the same time. I thought that was fun!
    However, if you’re looking at the screen or at least in my case, I didn’t need the tech to tell me that it was a boy because the little boy part was VERY OBVIOUS!

  5. I love your gender reveal idea – and I may go buy that Williams Sonoma cake stand/punch bowl (don’t have either)!! That cake you picked out is too cute.

    We are doing this so our whole family can find out at the same time:

    Our “reveal” appointment is August 19th. We are cooking dinner for our families that night – and we’ll have the doctor/sonogram tech write the gender down in an envelope. At dinner time, we’ll open it up together & it will be a surprise for both the grandparents (and Bryan & I).

    The “grandparents to be” are so excited that we get to do this all together.


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