The new Casa de Weigand!

First, I need to clear the air of any and all gossip that we are having twins.  No, we are not having twins.  The last ultrasound showed only one healthy beating heart; not two, (THANK GOD!).  So what is our big news?!!!

We’re buying our dream home!!!  Chris and I have been passively looking at new homes since we found out that I’m expecting.  We have looked at many homes, but really want a single story home with 4 bedrooms.  We of course have many other features we are looking for, but that’s the main criteria.

We have been eyeing a certain house for a while, but it has remained well out of our price range.  About one week ago, the Sellers re-listed and significantly dropped the price!  Chris and I made an offer immediately and after nail-biting negotiations, WE GOT IT!!  I’m thrilled because in negotiations I got them to agree to leave the refrigerator, ALL window coverings and both the 70” flat screen in the living room and the 46” flat screen in the master bathroom! WOO-HOO!

The home is located in the Springs at Boerne Stage, less than 5 miles from where we live now.  It’s a wonderful neighborhood full of custom homes that sit on larger lots.  Our new home sits on .6 of an acre!  It will be quite an upgrade for us since our current home sits on .13 of an acre.  Here’s a link to the pictures of 23811 Verde River.

I think the house shows much better in person, but you can see the basics in these pictures. 😉  We close on the new house on August 26th, right before Chris’ birthday on the 29th!  I plan on cooking a super fun meal and celebrating his birthday in our new home!  We have our current house on the market; so spread the word to any friends that are looking in our area!  Here is a link to our current home at 6638 Shady Bend Drive.

We are looking forward to getting moved in and having you all over for dinner, VERY SOON!

First Pregnancy at 10.5 weeks

I’m now 10.5 weeks and have attached a bump picture from last night.  Chris made his famous shrimp etouffee and I was showing more than normal, after all the feasting! 😉


5 Responses

  1. Gorgeous home! You will all be deliriously happy in it, I know!

  2. Wow, your house is amazing! I write about pregnancy from a man’s point of view – might be an interesting read if you have a minute!!

  3. congrats doll! Your house is beautiful!

  4. Thanks! We could not be more excited!!

  5. What a beautiful home and a great place to raise your new baby. I can’t wait to see it in person. Have you found out the sex of the baby yet? I am so excited for you and Chris..

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