Alcohol and Pregnancy

Texas Wine

We all know that alcohol and pregnancy don’t belong in the same sentence.  My normal pre-pregnancy nights usually consisted of a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, or a couple of Chris’ knockout dirty martinis after a long day.  Unless we came back from the gym super late, I had at least one or two drinks a night…every night.

Before Chris and I started trying for a baby, we often talked about how the pregnancy would go, and how it would change our daily routine.  Alcohol was always a big subject, simply because we are so social and LOVE our wine!  At the time, I had friends who were pregnant and they HATED not being able to drink with their spouses and friends.  I assumed and feared I would feel the same.

How wrong I was!!!  To my amazement, I have thoroughly enjoyed detoxing!  I haven’t craved alcohol at all!  Sure, with the summer temperatures reaching close to 100 degrees, an ice-cold beer or frozen Caribbean concoction sounds appetizing, but it doesn’t kill me that I can’t have one.  If we are by the pool with friends, I’ll have the bartender make me a mocktail!  For those of you wondering, mocktails are simply nonalcoholic cocktails.  Thanks to my friend Stacie, I’ve found tons of great recipes for mocktails online

We attended Veronika and Vlad’s (our wedding photographers!) pool party this past Sunday.  While everyone else was spending their precious calories on alcohol, I was able to feast on the buffet and a box of Crispy Crème doughnuts!  Veronika asked everyone to bring a dish, and one of her friends brought a couple of boxes of freshly made Crispy Crèmes.  Genius!!!

Nutritionists are always talking about alcohol and empty calories.  They warn us that a drink or two a day will eventually pack on the pounds.  I never really worried about my weight, so I ignored their advice.  Well, I have been eating three times as much as I used to, and I’ve been losing weight!  I know I’m eating for two, but let’s be serious, my little peanut is no bigger than a real peanut!!!  How much can he/she really be eating?!

The best part about giving up alcohol is the extra calories I can expend on yummy foods!!  Don’t worry though; my diet consists of lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, not just Crispy Crèmes!

I challenge you all to give up alcohol for one week!  I’ll admit, I would have laughed at you, had you proposed the same to me, but now that I’ve done it,  I LOVE IT!  It’s amazing how a healthy diet and no alcohol can make you feel wonderful!  Cheers to mocktails for the next 6 months!

Below are pictures from our last Fredericksburg wine tour.  We celebrated Stacie’s birthday at Rather Sweets and then I chauffeured everyone around the local wineries!  Chris and I finished the evening with fresh peach cobbler, homemade peach ice cream, and spicy pickles from a little roadside barn.  Nothing beats Fredericksburg peach cobbler!!

At Fredericksburg winery

The boys at the winery

The girls, Fredericksburg Winery

The girls at the winery

Homemade Fredericksburg Peach Cobbler & Ice Cream!


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