Funny Story from First Sonogram

I had my first sonogram a little over a week ago.  As soon as Mom found out my appointment was scheduled, she emailed me, letting me know she really wanted to join me.  Of course I said yes!

Mom picked me up and drove me into the doctor’s office, where Chris was waiting for us.  After filling out lots of paperwork, they called all 3 of us into a tiny office with the nurse practitioner (NP).  Since this was our first formal appointment, she went over ALL the basics.  This included nutrition dos and don’ts, safe and harmful medicines and the reassurance that we can have as much intercourse as we like.  She also made a point to reassure us that regardless of the position, we cannot hurt the baby at this stage of the pregnancy.  Since all of you reading this blog are either good friends or family, you know that one rolled right over me but probably killed Mom and Chris!

The NP leads us into the examining room.  She announces that I am due for a pap and that if Mom wants, she can stand behind the curtain.  If you could have only seen Mom’s face!  She most definitely took her position behind the curtain, cookbooks in hand.  Again, I didn’t think much of the whole situation.

During the pap, I had some questions for the nurse, including a couple regarding sex.  The pap was over in no time at all and they wheeled in the sonogram machine!  The NP then told Mom she could come out from behind the curtain b/c we were all about to see the little peanut on-screen.

Mom emerges from the curtain still looking a bit shocked.  I had forgotten to mention to her that the first sonogram is done vaginally.  The baby is too small to have them do the belly one.

Again, all of this is really no big deal b/c we soon are all enamored with a blinking on the screen.  Baby Weigand has a beating heart!!!  I’m already flushed with pride and Chris is beaming at the visual reassurance that he is in fact a Daddy-to-be!

We leave the doctor’s office with 20+ samples of prenatal vitamins, lots of books and two pictures of Baby Weigand!

Later that night, when Chris gets home, he’s making dinner and in a very annoyed manner, says, “way to ask sex questions to your doctor when your Mom is in the room!  Also, I can’t believe the doctor told us we could have as much intercourse as we like, in any position…ALL IN FRONT OF YOUR MOM!!!  Seriously, way to go babe!” My response, “oh whatever, Mom was behind the curtain.  Besides, how do you think the little peanut was made?!”

At this point, I’m cracking up at the situation.  I text the scenario to Mom and within seconds she has called me and is screaming/crying/laughing over the phone, “you tell Chris I’m on the same page as him!! I thought I was going to see my little peanut of a Grand-baby by them rubbing gel on your stomach!  I had NO CLUE I would be there for ALL of that!!!”

Moral of the story: Be sure are remind all family members that your first sonogram is performed vaginally.  Also, parents cannot handle any mention of sex talk, before/during/or after Grand-babies.  They are much like children and prefer to believe a stork will be delivering their sweet grandchild.  🙂


8 Responses

  1. Well that was news to me regarding the first sonogram. They come up with something new all the time. 🙂 I can hear your mom all the way from El Paso!!
    To funny, she didn’t tell me all the details. But I knew she was there and that there was a little peanut grandbaby. I will have to talk to her to be more detailed.
    At least you know that she doesn’t tell all.

  2. Lisa, we were laughing hysterically over the phone for 10+ minutes about it all. Mom was CRACKING me up! If Mom doesn’t give you the full story, you KNOW I will! 😉

  3. I haven’t been able to tell anyone BECAUSE I’M STILL IN SHOCK! I had NO IDEA I was being called in for the “Private” talk and also for the “Private” sonogram! I was TRAPPED with NO WAY TO ESCAPE! LOL

  4. What?! My first sonogram was NOT done vaginally!! It was on my stomach. I had no idea they did vaginal ones. hahahaha.

  5. well, I don’t know about you all, but I’m just glad to see a little spark of our ‘ol shameless, no holds bar Alexis… only she could turn that “mommy-to-be” experience into a blog post. And have us rolling. I heard this story on the phone but it’s certainly better in written form. Chris and Liz, would you expect our showstopper and her offspring to be anything less than a little blaze?

    We Stros are still laughing in Dallas– I think you’ve now charmed the state, Alexis.

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