7 Weeks and Morning Sickness Blues

We are approaching our 7th week and things have changed a bit in Casa de Weigand.  My normal, healthy diet of salads, fresh veggies and fish has been taken over by vanilla wafers, bagels, yogurt, and pickles.  I’m nibbling at anything that I think can calm my stomach.

Morning sickness, for me, is very similar to feeling hung-over.  You wake up and for a split second, think you might be ok, and then your stomach turns, you feel your headache, and you realize, you are in pain.  A cool dark room and an entire day spent under the covers would be heaven.  BUT, I have found it helps to get up and take the dogs for a walk, and start my day at the normal time.  Nap-time is a must around 4-6pm, if I plan to go to bed anytime after 7:30pm!

I’ve only hugged the toilet a couple of times, each time, learning a different lesson.  I’ve learned orange juice is way too acidic for my stomach, morning or night, and that all vitamins should be taken on a full stomach, late in the day.

Our vegetable garden is flourishing, so I made a Spanish gazpacho with my garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, but found it way too acidic to eat.  On the positive side, my neighbors are starting to love me, with all my food giveaways!

This week is a big week for us!  Chris started his new job today and tomorrow is our first sonogram!  Chris also laid gorgeous hand scraped, wood floors this past week, so I’m busy getting our house back in order and dust free!

Christine’s Grandma is somewhat of a legend when it comes to guessing the sex of your baby, and she has announced we are having a girl!  Christine has lots of friends, and her Grandma has NEVER been wrong!  I have a hunch it’s a boy, but we’re really just hoping for a healthy baby!

I’m a bit late posting these, but they were taken on June 18th, when we celebrated Father’s day and announced the good news!  Grandma, who has decided she will go by Mimi, and Grandpa, received cute bibs and classic baby books.  Chris received a couple of Father-to-be books and some fancy luggage for his big trip to Colorado!  I’ll post pictures of the sonogram, Colorado, and the floors, next time around!

Mimi & Grandpa excited about the news!

Chris and his new Father-to-be books!


3 Responses

  1. All I did when I was pregnant with Josh was sleep! Enjoy it! The 2nd go around you have other responsibilities!

  2. Yeah, say goodbye to veggies for awhile. My stomach could not handle them. All I ate was crackers and milk shakes! haha. Don’t worry, it gets better!

  3. My dear this will pass. Yes always take vitamins on a full stomach. I never had a second of morning sickness. So I don’t have much advise for you.
    Crackers are a good thing!

    All my love,


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